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Home Away From Home ||Kimpton Hotel Monaco Chicago

This past weekend, I went to Chicago for a getaway trip. Although it’s only about 4 hours drive from where I live in Michigan, for some reasons, I have never stayed in Chicago overnight for a vacation. 😉 

For a newbie, I stayed at this super modern chic boutique hotel, Kimpton Hotel Monaco Chicago. With the best location I could ask for, I had a fantastic weekend there. This 4-Diamond Chicago Boutique Hotel, is perched in the center of Chicago’s stunning skyline, steps from the Chicago River. 

I love curling up in this bay window, just watching the beautiful world outside while I enjoy my own comfy and quiet moment inside. Well, maybe with a glass of wine in my hand too! 😉

The bay window with the stunning city and river view was not just the perfect location for an early morning coffee moment, an afternoon nap, or an evening meditation, it is also a great spot for photos!

Look at this stunning view from the bay window: Day and Night it’s absolutely stunning.

Since I have stayed at a few boutique hotels in Europe, I’m a fan of the special touches boutique hotels offer. I love their complimentary nightly hosted wine hour at this enhanced living-room lobby. This Chic place, plus stylish people and wine, always seems to be a good place for me! 🙂

I am truly in love with the new designs of this cute hotel. They are inspired by the vibrant city outside the hotel doors and the Great Lake that lies just beyond. The renovations revealed the new Monaco, a sophisticated yet playful home base for urban adventurers, both first time visitors and those who are drawn to the Windy City again and again.

It feels great waking up in this elegant room every morning. Opening up the curtains, and the beautiful city is right in front of me.

With a palette of cool blues, whites, grays and dramatic pops of color on luxe materials – tufted marigold headboards, plush teal benches – alongside design details that draw inspiration from suiting fabric provide a balance of masculine and feminine in each room. There is no doubt why this is a hot place to be when visiting Chicago.

I am very impressed with the hotel’s warm hospitality and unmatched personalized service. The first night, I used an ice bucket, and the second night when I walked back to my room, the ice bucket was already refilled and waiting for me. How nice! When I called the hotel restaurant Fisk & Co. to reschedule my dinner appointment, they didn’t even ask my name. I was like, “Do you need to know any of my information?” They answered “NO, Grace! We have all your information already. You’re all set.” Lol, either I am just famous there, or they have the best service!

Below are some cool places that you can visit if you stay at Kimpton Hotel Monaco Chicago!

Walk or Ride to Nearby Attractions from Kimpton Hotel Monaco Chicago

Whether you are visiting Chicago for business or pleasure, staying at Kimpton Hotel Monaco Chicago is a great choice. Because finding ways to pamper you is what they do best. I love the complimentary daily newspaper, morning coffee and tea service, nightly hosted wine hour, and the yoga mat tucked away in my closet to help me maintain my in-room peace. Oh,and also the cool custom designed PUBLIC bikes to take a spin around the city. If you are a pet owner, you will love this news, they are 100% pet-friendly: bring your furry, feathery or scaly family member – no matter their size, weight, or breed, at no extra charge. Providing these perks (and many more!) is Kimpton Hotel Monaco’s specialty, and I hope you enjoy them too.

Photo credit: Grace Liang

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