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What Will Happen After Your Trapped Emotions Are Released?

Lately, trapped emotions have become two key words in my life and career. Lol! You probably have heard me talking about it on my social media. I am hosting a workshop, Clear Emotional Blocks Through Body Wisdom next month. I have noticed that people are not familiar with this line of work about Body Wisdom, Emotional Blocks or Trapped Emotions. So I am writing this post to give more explanation.

What Will Happen After Your Trapped Emotions Are Released?

What Is Trapped Emotion Exactly?

Trapped emotions are created or trapped because of events earlier in life. Most of them are dramatic events, like losing a loved one, getting a divorce, being involved in a car accident, or getting layoff… Some events can be smaller events like a long lasting conflict. Not all events cause trapped emotions, only those that the emotion was either unprocessed or not processed completely. When curtain emotions come, it usually takes a few minutes to pass, and then it’s gone. In that short time period, if we just let it happen and pass, the emotion is finished. But if we interrupted this process, or totally ignored it, the emotion will be trapped inside your body.

For example, you had a heated argument with someone. After the incident, you decided to just move on but didn’t give the emotions a chance to pass, you simply ignore it or push it aside. Those anger, hurt, or disappointed emotions can be trapped.

What Will Happen After Your Trapped Emotions Are Released?

What Do Trapped Emotions Do For You?

Have you ever noticed that no matter how hard you work, how many motivational class that you take, you just don’t get where you want to be, or get there fast enough? There are two things holding you back, trapped emotions and limiting believes. Did you know that the average adult has more than 200 trapped emotions. Those trapped emotions can cause many difficulties in your life.

  • Physical Illness: For example, most chronic pains are caused by some form of trapped emotions. Even illness that doctors can’t uncover what’s wrong, have a 99% chance that it is caused by negative energy.
  • Difficulties in Relationships: For example, when you see a girl who grows up in an abusive family, she often ends up in an abusive relationship in her adult life.
  • Self-sabotage: For example, you suddenly feel that you are not good enough at the most important moment of your life? Did you just talk yourself out of your dream life that you would love to have?
What Will Happen After Your Trapped Emotions Are Released?

What Will Happen After Your Trapped Emotions Released?

I believe the best way to explain what will happen once your trapped emotions are released, is through testimonials:

“Through muscle testing, I have been able to uncover my trapped emotions that caused skin problems. Just 2 days after releasing my emotional blocks, my skin problems were COMPLETELY GONE. Grace’s body wisdom system works and it’s real,”

Lois P.

“My surgeon told me that my ankle healed perfectly, the reason for me not walking normally, was something in my head. After working with Grace, I have found that lacking control was one of my trapped emotions. After releasing it, a few days later, people noticed me walking much better. I am most impressed and I feel all the monkeys are off my back. It seems like things in my life are under control now.”

Matt W.

Are you a pet owner? Are you struggling with bad pet behaviors? Believe it or not, pets have trapped emotions as well.

“We found Scruffy on the street of Detroit, and decided to keep him after not getting a response from his previous owners. He is a very cute dog but suffers from anixiety that causes him to bark continuiously . After working with Grace, he became a much calmer dog. “

Adam C.
What Will Happen After Your Trapped Emotions Are Released?

Sounds very interesting, right? Check out my workshop details below and I hope you can learn my hands on technique to identify and release trapped emotions.

Date And Time

Tue, August 13, 2019

5:30 PM – 8:30 PM EDT

Add to Calendar


Troy Chamber of Commerce

2125 Butterfield Drive 


Troy, MI 48084

Photo credit: Grace Liang

What Will Happen After Your Trapped Emotions Are Released?

Photo credit: Grace Liang

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