Why bloggers are so influential

I feel like a fortune cookie, when I say this, but “you never get a second chance to make a great first impression,”… Either way it’s true. When people started saying this, forever ago, it didn’t hold the same weight as it does now. As technology advanced people have their first impression encounters over social media. 

Why bloggers are so influential!

We’ve all found people on social media through a mixture of mutual friends and deep dive instagram stalking. This isn’t as embarrassing when it’s how you found your, now, favorite social media influencers. The first thing you see are their instagram pictures or how their website and blogs are set up. You can quickly find yourself falling in love with someone’s aesthetic before you even know what their blogs are centered around.

Why bloggers are so influential!


Easy, the first thing people notice is their style and how effortlessly cute they look. The allure of cute bright colors and women who are living life confidently are hard to resist. Bloggers often have their feed comprised of their cutest outfits and most fun trips. To see other people looking super cute in summery colors makes people fall more in love with fashion. 

Why bloggers are so influential!

Following social media influencers who have a stylish sense of fashion makes life easier when you’re putting together outfits. They pair things you might not have thought of on your own and give great outfit suggestions for summer must-haves that you can easily incorporate into your work attire. 


Bloggers became bloggers to make a statement and be bold, to share what they want and for others to share their love with them. Why would it be any different for their outfits? You know what they say; ‘beauty is in the details.’ Making a definite must-have for a bloggers summer look; statement earrings.  Bold earrings that give empowered women that extra push to make them feel like a real #girlboss. Especially the colorful tasseled and fringe earrings that are quickly becoming essential for nearly every outfit. 

Why bloggers are so influential!

It’s not a summer outfit without bright and flowy dresses and skirts. It’s easy to forget Michigan is practically eight months of winter when you’re sporting colors that make you feel like everyday is a vacation. Pairing these bold outfits with neutral colored strappy sandals and purses is the perfect blend of chic and trendy. 

Sunglasses might seem like a no-brainer for summer. But, these small accessories can alter and tie together outfits that seemed like they were missing their final touch.

Why bloggers are so influential!


Everyone’s style is a mirror of themselves, even if they’re not entirely aware of it. You can learn a lot about a person by the way they use their style to express themselves. If there’s one thing that I can confirm from my amounts of blogger stalking, is wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful. Dressing for others and not wearing what you want to makes life a little less colorful. Stop worrying about what others think and wear that outfit you love. 

Why bloggers are so influential!

What do you love most about bloggers style? And what is a summer outfit must-have for you? 

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