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Behind the Scenes with a Social Media Assistant

By Lois Pele

It was a Monday afternoon this spring when I received a long awaited phone call from the social media influencer, Grace Liang. I was nervous to pick up the phone because I knew I was either going to get a positive response or a negative one. After picking up the phone and hearing the words “You’re hired” I texted my friend right away and told him that I have received the job!

Behind the Scenes with a Social Media Assistant

Before Grace reached out about her assistant position I was exploring other fields. Since I am currently in nursing school, I was looking for an opportunity in the hospital for the summer time but they werent hiring a summer position at the hopsital I wanted to attend and connections are a must which I did not obtain at the time. Not only was I thinking of a hospital job but also a babysitting job that I was offered from a family that I had worked for last summer.

The answer to Grace’s question about still wanting to accept this job was the easiest “yes” I have said in awhile. Who wouldn’t want to work for a social media influencer? I was excited to start and use the talents that I was granted with.

Behind the Scenes with a Social Media Assistant

My first couple of weeks were a little rough, I will be honest. It was a whole different world for me. Although I had some background in photography, I never worked as an assistant for a hot commodity like Grace. I had to ask a lot of questions, call a lot of people, read a lot of emails, and use every last brain cell to solve problems. It was hard but I still enjoyed it. I was willing to learn and correct myself in any areas that needed correction to work well as a team.

Behind the Scenes with a Social Media Assistant

Being a personal assistant for a social media influencer, author, public speaker, and life coach is so much more than it sounds. A lot needs to go into a single day in order for stuff to move forward. Every single morning there is a routine that I have to follow. It includes: dealing with her website, link ups, and her social media platforms like instagram and facebook. After that is completed, I usually take a nice 30 minute break to rejuvenate my brain and enjoy some fresh air. After the break I either pay bills, read emails, complete forms, proofread, or do photoshoots.

Behind the Scenes with a Social Media Assistant

Coming into this job, I had a different perception of what a social media influencer tends to do. In other words, I thought they just take pictures all day, relax, post on social media and get paid. I was so wrong! But I am extremely glad for this opportunity because I can now appreciate people like Grace for their hard work and dedication to share with the world what they are passionate about.

Behind the Scenes with a Social Media Assistant
Behind the Scenes with a Social Media Assistant

Although this opportunity does not have much in common with what my future career will be like, I am so beyond blessed and grateful to have worked with Grace. We butted heads in the beginning but we both learned to work with each other. She has taught me patience, dedication, and to be a doer of my dreams. I have learned to speak my mind when I don’t understand something, to ask a lot of questions even though at times it may seem like I am annoying her lol and to always be true to myself. This job has really grown me in a way I never thought could be possible!

Summer is over and I’m headed back to school which means that I will be leaving Grace and this amazing job. I am beyond sad that I have to leave such an amazing person but I am glad that I am leaving with a new mindset and developed qualities. I hope to use what I have learned in my future as a nurse and be the best that I can be in all my future endeavors.

Behind the Scenes with a Social Media Assistant

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Behind the Scenes with a Social Media Assistant

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