hanging outside in Vans Off the Wall
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How Petite Women Over 40 Can Rock Vans This Fall

Lounging in Vans off the Wall

I enjoy wearing a variety of different styles– especially fun and fresh pieces! I love the looks of Vans, and I know that my former students will be excited to see me rocking the brand from head to toe, especially as a 45-year-old woman! Fashion has no limits, right? Take a walk on the wild side and try out these new styles for fall. Read on about the history of this famous company and find several ways that you can style Vans for your age and frame.

Early History of Vans 

hanging outside in Vans Off the Wall

The Van Doren Rubber Company was founded in Anaheim, California on March 16, 1966, by two brothers named Paul and Jim Van Doren. The very first pair of Vans shoes were the #44 Deck Shoes. What makes the brand unique is that it manufactured the shoes on the premises and sold directly to the public. The shoe had a rugged style and sticky sole tha appealed to skateboarders. By the end of the 1970s, the shoe brand was distributed to 70 stores in California and sold through dealers both national and international.  

Although the company started as a sneaker company reserved for skateboarders, soon enough others began to adopt the sneaker as a part of their style such as athletes, singers, and actors. In addition to skateboarding, they became a significant influencer in surf and BMX. 

As the leader in action sports footwear, Vans has also launched an extensive apparel collection for both men and women. The brand has collaborated with all the big names, such as Disney, Metallica, and Karl Lagerfield. They also worked with streetwear brands such as Supreme, Thrasher Magazine, and Gosha Rubchinsky.  

looking edgy in Vans

Unique facts about the brand  

In the year of 1982, the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High premeired in theaters.  Actor Sean Penn, who played a surfer was seen wearing Vans Checkered Slip-Ons in the movie and in the movie posters. The shoes gained international appeal once they hit the the screen and became a massive part of pop culture. 

An interesting fact about the brand is that in 1998, they opened a 46,000-square foot indoor/outdoor Van’s skatepark, located at Orange Mall in California. Did you know that Vans sponsored the Warped Vans Tour in 1995? It is a popular music festival featuring artists such as Sum 41, Katy Perry, and Fall Out Boy just to name a few.  

Paying it Forward 

I love that Vans believes in giving back and being a global citizen. The company has put more than $375,000 into the high school art programs, which is something that touched my heart. I am a teacher, and it is often hard to get funding for specific programs many schools. I genuinely admire that the company chose to give back to the community. 

Styling for fall 

 As a woman over 40 with petite clothing, sometimes it is a challenge to find the appropriate style and fit in the clothes we wear. However, there are ways that you can find out the best fit and what is the right style for you! Vans can be worn in many different forms.  


Dressing sporty is one of the most comfortable ways to wear Vans. I wore a Vans hoodie alongside a pair of camouflage pants to complete the look. I truly had fun experimenting with this style, and you can too! 



The most casual way that you can wear Vans shoes is to pair them with some classic skinny jeans and a short sleeve white t-shirt alongside a black jean jacket. The look would pair best with slip-on Vans of any color that you choose. This option is the best way to look stylish when you need to get out the door.  This look is basic enough that you can accessorize however you want!

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Work Attire 

Sometimes finding an outfit for work can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Change up your work attire by pairing your Vans shoes with slimming black and white striped dress pants and an oversized sweater. Wearing this look is a cool way to show up to the office!


Rock and Roll  

Dressing up doesn’t have to be safe. Shake it up by pairing your Vans with a motorcycle jacket and a pair of jeans. Vans of any style and color will go along with this look perfectly. It is also an ideal way to dress for a petite frame. 


Are you ready to challenge your young heart and vibe with Vans this fall? If you live in Michigan, you can find it at Somerset Collection Mall in Troy. Have fun experimenting with these edgy new looks!  

on the wall with Vans Off the Wall

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