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Back to School Outfits for Teachers

As a former teacher trust me when I say, I know how stressful it can get. I’m not saying it wasn’t fun and so fulfilling to see my students grow and learn (it definitely was!). But there are days when you can get a little more than stressed. Since it’s a new school year (yay!) and you know days like this are going to happen sooner or later, maybe it’s time to get into some new routines of your own. Changing certain things up can help ease the stress that’s bound to happen. A simple, yet effective, thing you can do is fashion related! I know you might be thinking “how can thinking about fashion make being a teacher less stressful?” Easy! Think back to when you were in school. I’m pretty sure you can think of at least one time when you pre-planned your outfits and tried being responsible about it, but more than likely you gave up a few days later. Well guess what? Now you are a responsible adult! Which means this might be the perfect start towards making this school year the least trying one yet.

If I still have to convince you think about all the times you have been getting ready for work, or even just hanging out with friends, and you’re staring at an overflowing closet thinking “Oh my God, I have literally nothing to wear.” Those usually end up being the days you’re running late. So start thinking ahead! You can easily do this in two ways: The first is by sitting in-front of your overflowing closet and picking out 6 outfits for the upcoming school week. Five for each school day, plus a sixth outfit to serve as a backup. A second way to do this (if you’re like me and change your mind often) is to pick your outfit out the night before. Both of these options work best if you plan your outfits down to the last detail, including your shoes and your jewelry. 

Whichever method you choose, it’s important to do a little research before… I knowww research sound boring and like you’re in school all over again, but I promise this research isn’t quite as stressful. The first little bit of research to do is checking the weather for the week. Rain boots can be adorable even with your work clothes, you just need to know when to wear them! Another thing to look into is if you have any special activities planned that week. If you have any field trips or physical activities with lots of walking  planned, you may want to wear a comfy pair of sneakers. You can pair your sneakers with jeans and a blazer to keep your outfit a little sophisticated but still comfortable. You can also pair them with a classy pantsuit if you’re in the mood for a more business casual approach.

When you’re planning these outfits it’s important to remember that just because you work with children that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the latest fashion trends! So what are some simple ways to incorporate these trends in your wardrobe? At this time of the year, schools are notorious for quickly changing temperatures throughout the day, so it’s smart to dress in layers. If it gets too warm, it’s easy to take off a scarf or blazer. Along with the layers we love in the fall, we also get to pull out those gorgeous fall colors as well. The most popular fall colors are, thankfully, the same every year so you can keep wearing your favorite outfits that don’t go out of style. The most popular fall colors are dark reds, purples, and browns. Another reason I love fall fashion is because it’s the perfect weather for wearing cute skirts and sweaters without freezing or sweating to death. All fall outfits can be pulled together by adding a chic scarf for the perfect finishing touch. 

Another trend that can be incorporated in any outfit is plaid. I’m sure by now you can tell I’m a little obsessed with this particular trend, but that’s okay, I’m not going to turn into a lumberjack just yet. I love it so much because it can easily become a part of any outfit no matter the weather. For example you can wear it on more casual school days in the form of a blazer with a graphic tee and jeans, or in warmer weather as a chic skirt. This is obviously a trend that won’t go out of style because it keeps coming back! 

You can also keep your outfits more traditional. Picking a cute patterned dress or blouse and skirt, of course paired with heels, is a simple yet chic outfit. Sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics. And one final tip from one former teacher to you, keep a pair of flats or shoes without heels under your desk. You never know how the day might turn out when you’re dealing with children who like to keep you on your toes! Class is always in, dress for the occasion.

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