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How Over 40s Petite Women Wear Hollister This Fall?

Even though Hollister Co. may be traditionally known as just a teen apparel company, us adults all over the world are not excluded from visiting and shopping at this optimistic and inviting retailer. You may ask, how so exactly? This brand wants all shoppers to express their own personal style and individuality, which means anyone at ANY age can rock the brand. Yes, that is right! Whether you are a teen shopper or not, you are welcome as an over 40’s or petite woman. When was the last time you bought something at Hollister… that wasn’t for your kid? Hollister is always in the know about the latest trends, including incorporating lots of purple into their clothing this fall. Traditionally, we always think about purple being a spring color, but not this year! Read on to find out how you can rock out on purple this fall… 

The History of Hollister Co.

Founded in 2000, this American clothing brand focuses on celebrating the liberating endless summer spirit inside of all people. This brand is inspired by the laidback and optimistic attitude and lifestyle of California. Even though it may be known as a teen apparel brand, every product is intentionally created for any consumer for them to make it their own by authentically living in it. 

Gilly Hicks which is an intimates brand, is also a part of the famous retailer. Gilly Hicks includes intimates, sleepwear, and loungewear. Every Gilly Hicks product is uniquely designed to encourage everyone to embrace and love who they truly are beneath it all.

Shoppers of this brand get a welcoming, engaging, and unique shopping experience all over the world. By being committed to providing products with exceptional comfort and enduring quality, it always gives consumers every opportunity to fully express their own personal style and individuality.

Hollister Today

If you are in love with keeping up with the latest fashion trends, you will know that Hollister has always held the crown in regards to having everything the cool kids in town are wearing. One fall 2019 trend I’m in love with is incorporating the color purple into my looks. All-over color, purple denim, and all different shades of the color purple were featured on the runways for the 2019 fashion shows of well-known leading designer’s fashion brands including Tom Ford, Michael Kors, Christian Siriano, and Kate Spade. 

This lovely lilac look I’m wearing features my favorite Hollister denim jacket and skirt in a soft pastel purple, paired with a pair of crisp white Chuck Taylor shoes.  

2019 Purple Trend

Muted tones have become everyone’s everyday color, and have been all over the fashion and beauty industry in 2018 and 2019. An example of a popular muted tone is mauve. Mauve lipsticks, lip-glosses, eyeshadows, and handbags were a huge trend in 2018. People have been in love with muted colors like mauve because they serve as a neutral color in fashion and beauty. Mauve can go with so many different looks. It is not too bright and dramatic to be discouraged from serving as a neutral color. This concept applies to lavender too. 

Lavender is another subtle, muted tone within the purple family and can serve as a classic neutral color within your look. A cool lavender shade makes a great color as the weather begins to get chilly. Lavender’s cold and pale appearance creates a wintery color, making it a good color to wear in the future for Winter 2019 as well. Keep your eye out for this color in stores this Winter!

Though pastel  shades of purple are usually associated with Spring fashion, lighter shades of purple can be a fun surprise element in your style this fall. Lavender and lilac colors have a cozy, calming presence. This is why the color often makes its way into a baby’s cozy nursery room, or baby clothing color palettes. The Fall is all about the cozy aesthetic. Everyone wants cozy sweaters, scarves, and drinks during this time of year. Hand over that pumpkin spiced latte pronto! 

All-Over Color Trend

To rock the all-over color trend, do not feel limited to wearing just a colored top by itself or just a colored bottom by itself. Wear the color confidently from your head all the way down to your toes! Complete the look with a matching accessory. Hair accessories like hair pins and clips are both popular 2019 trends. Wear the color outdoors too! 2019 fashion runways featured color-coordinated coats, hats, and scarves as statement pieces in many colors, including all different shades of purple. 

How a Petite Woman Can Wear 2019 Trends

However you may choose to rock purple this fall, choosing a silhouette that compliments your petite frame will make everyone say “wow, purple is really your color!” 

Instead of something long or over sized, try exploring the cropped look that has really exploded in fashion this year. A cropped piece elongates any look and add dimension to the overall look, due to their structured shapes. The strong horizontal line on a cropped item will break the outfit up to help show off your figure, and other features of the outfit. Cropped jackets look amazing with high-waisted pants and skirts. 

Separates are a huge trend for Fall 2019; a top paired with a skirt or pants in the same fabric is something everyone should try! However, be careful about pairing two oversized items when you shop for your separates– if one item is oversized, the other ought to be more fitted.  

Instead of long shirt dresses, opt for a gathered, cinched, or wrap dresses instead. A long shirtdress can swallow a smaller woman’s figure, which can create the appearance of wearing an oversized piece. These kinds of styles allow the piece to fit just right on the body, and in the right places. Fabric being pulled in tighter around the stomach or waist gives the appearance of better posture, which can also give the illusion of more length in your body. Keep large statement necklaces away when wearing these dresses because they can create a suffocated look. Let the wrapped area be the big statement!

Along with the purple trend for this year are purple pieces with stripes. Stripes are a big trend for Fall 2019 as well. Vertical stripes are a must for smaller figures. If you are on the smaller side you may want to pass on any clothing items with horizontal stripes on them. Horizontal stripes can be unflattering. Vertical stripes can give the illusion of stretching out the figure. Vertical stripes run parallel with the outer lines of your body, and with the seams on your clothing. This causes your natural curves to be brought out beautifully and add length. 

Depending on the style, some midi skirts can actually cut shorter legs in the wrong area. Shop for a mini skirt instead. It elongates those gorgeous legs of yours so they look like they are a mile long. Purple denim, specifically lavender miniskirts, are a huge trend for Fall 2019. They are all over online fashion stores, and brick-and-mortar stores.

The mini bag trend for 2019 is exploding all over fashion retailers and major department stores. Large and oversized bags can draw attention away from some outfits, and can overpower small figures. A mini bag in your favorite shade of purple will look stunning with any look you rock this fall 

How an Over 40’s Woman Can Wear 2019 Trends

Whether you prefer to dress modestly and a bit more subtle with little to moderate pops of color, or you like to wear bolder and vivid prints, there are many different ways for you all with different styles to wear this year’s trends for Fall. With so many different ways to easily incorporate the trends into your look, you will always have different options on what to wear. 

Purple is a great diverse color that can be a part of your look for any occasion. A lavender blazer would look great over a white button-up top underneath it, along with a new silver or gold watch for work. A form fitting violet wiggle dress paired with a statement necklace  would make you pop next time you have a fancy event. For family gatherings, you can rock a black t-shirt with a purple cardigan, and a black floppy Autumn hat made with felt material. A trench coat with a deep grape color would make such a fashion statement when you go out to brunch with your girlfriends– Carrie Bradshaw, is that you? A purple pair of jeans can be made sweet with a white lace blouse or made edgy with a black leather jacket depending on what vibes you want to put out to your sweetie on your next date night.

Hollister Ain’t Just For The Kiddos 

Did you know that purple is known as the color of royalty? So, when you are being bold and flaunting it in purple this fall, you can hold your head high and strut your 45-year-old self through Hollister like the badass queen you are. Step aside high school princesses, because I am a grown woman with my own big girl money to spend in this store. 

There is no reason to restrict yourself to the matronly stores at the mall– take a risk and give a place like Hollister a shot because you won’t know how much you might love it until you take a step inside. 

Tell me all about your favorite ways to wear purple and some gems you’ve found at Hollister for yourself! 

I also wanted to take a second to give my blogger friend Tania Stephens at 50 Is Not Old a shout out! Every Friday the fabulous Tania does this awesome thing where she features another blogger at the end of her blog post so that we can help spread the love and show our followers some other amazing people out there doing cool stuff– this week she is featuring Color and Grace! Tania’s blog is similar to mine in that she blogs about fashion and lifestyle for women of a certain age, knowing it’s possible to keep on being glamorous and chic throughout your entire life. 

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