Gracefully Grieving

Gracefully Grieving: Check Out My 6 Part Video Series

You asked, I listened!

First things first, a massive thank you to each and every one of you who watched my video series so far!

I couldn’t be more humbled by all the messages and emails from our fellow community of women dealing with grief.

You’re all amazing!


With that being said, if you have sent me a message and I haven’t gotten back to you, I’m sorry about that.

My inboxes are crammed.

But not to worry…

My last video in my FREE 6-part video series is live.
You can watch it here:


I have covered all your questions.

Some common ones were:

At what point in the grieving journey is it suitable to be part of this online class?

Is this class teaching me to not feel the pain from my grief?

Do you need to be from the United States?

I am so so so excited to announce that registration for my ‘Gracefully Grieving Energy Healing Class’ will open in the next few days.


If you’ve signed up for the early-bird waitlist you’re lucky because your chances of getting a spot are a lot higher.

Again I’ll only be taking a small handful of new students and working with them side by side to help them suffer less and heal faster.

If you’re not signed up to the early-access waitlist, you still have a little bit of time to sign up here.

But on a more important note:

Here’s how to make sure you get a spot….

1. Make sure you’re on the early-bird waitlist:

2. Open your inbox on Sunday, November 29th 2020, at 10am PST

3. Refresh your inbox until you receive the early-bird registration email

4. Open the email, click on the link and secure your spot asap

If you follow these exact instructions you should have no problems getting into the class. But really make sure you sign up on Sunday, at 10am PST.

It might be a good idea to set up a reminder on your phone so you don’t miss the deadline. There’s going to be a rush to the registration page on Sunday, so make sure you’re one of the first to visit the signup page and lock in your spot.

Hopefully, you can make it into my class.


P.S. In case you’ve missed some videos in my FREE 6-part video series or you would like to go back and rewatch the series, you can catch the replays of the videos on this page here.

I can’t believe how much I’ve covered with you all.

It’s been seriously amazing to share this with our community.

That being said, I can’t wait to knock it out of the park with all of the new students and help to suffer less and heal faster from their loss.

It’s going to be a real game-changer.


Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional!

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