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How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

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For much of my life I was quite the worrier. I was under the impression that if I worried about all the bad things that could happen, I would never have a bad surprise. While technically my thought process was accurate, there were three major downsides with my line of thinking:

1. Worrying caused a lot of mental stress that would turn into physical stress. After a period of worrying, my shoulders and neck would be sore and tight. I would then worry about my physical distress which just made me worry even more!

2. By thinking about what could go wrong, I was subconsciously setting myself up to achieve the outcome I didn’t want. Jack Canfield refers to this as negative goal-setting.

3. Worrying puts us out of alignment with God. If we are busy worrying about what could go wrong, we are less likely to notice God given us solutions to our problems.

The solution to worrying? Stop worrying. Worrying simply adds on more to the problem you already have. Instead, focus on a possible solution. For example, when I have to travel to a place I haven’t been to before, I visualize making it there safely and take steps that help me do so (i.e. arriving at the airport early and paying attention to my surroundings). I also say a prayer and ask God for guidance. I have found that when I do, God will find a way of getting an answer back to me in one form or another. The best part when you stop worrying is that you enjoy life more!

How do you avoid worry in your life?

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