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    How Over 40s Petite Women Wear Hollister This Fall?

    Even though Hollister Co. may be traditionally known as just a teen apparel company, us adults all over the world are not excluded from visiting and shopping at this optimistic and inviting retailer. You may ask, how so exactly? This brand wants all shoppers to express their own personal style and individuality, which means anyone at ANY age can rock the brand. Yes, that is right! Whether you are a teen shopper or not, you are welcome as an over 40’s or petite woman. When was the last time you bought something at Hollister… that wasn’t for your kid? Hollister is always in the know about the latest trends, including…

  • How Petite Women Rock 2019 Summer Fashion Trend || Tie-Dye
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    How Petite Women Rock 2019 Summer Fashion Trend || Tie-Dye

    I have known Edward Mongzar, the humble designer from London for a few years now. From admiring each other’s work, to becoming friends. I love how fashion can bring more human connections to us! You can read my first post Effortless Elegance from Edward Mongzar to learn more about his unite take-on about the tradition and trends. I find him an inspiration and his designs pure innovation. Here I am again with a beautiful piece of Edward Mongzar, who has a way of making ancient art come to life through his fashionable pieces.  This dress I am wearing is from Edward Mongzar‘s SS19 collection. Edward Mongzar has continued to use…

  • What To Wear When Travel To Key West Florida In January
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    Travel Fashion || The Must Have Patched Denim Jacket

    A playful patched denim jacket, is the must-have in my travel wardrobe! If you are not that into the fun patches, just a plain denim jacket will do the same trick. In my last Travel Fashion post, I have talked about the cool dusters. Compare this with a flowy duster, both are used as a layering piece, and a must have in my closet. Denim jackets are not only versatile, but they go with just about anything. They are particularly useful to keep you warm and is exactly why you need one when you are on the road! Why Denim Jacket for travel? When we travel, most people tend to…

  • Being the Best of Me || Re-enter the Dating World In My 40s
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    Being the Best of Me || Re-enter the Dating World In My 40s

    It has been more than two years that I lost my late husband who was also my best friend and my soul-mate. I often joke about myself as the master of survivals. I have survived from hunger and poverty, from family abuse and domestic abuse, from losing my father and losing my late husband. Now I came to a conclusion that there is no situations that I can’t get out off and turned it around to a happy ending. All the suffers that I had been through have turned me into this strong and happy women today who has the laser focus on my dreams and to be the best…

  • Over 40s Petite Style How to Dress Like a French Women
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    Over 40s Petite Style How to Dress Like a French Women

    I always have a thing about French style. I think the biggest difference between French women and rest of the world, is they really know how to use the simplest pieces to look elegant and sexy the same time. Each of them has very unique styles and never go over the top by using too many trendy pieces. So let’s talk about this winter being an over 40s petite girl how to dress like a French women. I have been to Paris for a few times, and there were a lot of locals mistakened me as one of them. Lol! I guess I am pretty good at camouflaging. You can…

  • How To Wear Sporty Chic For Petite Woman Over 40s

    How To Wear Sporty Chic For Petite Woman Over 40s

    There’s a reason the athleisure trend has exploded in popularity: people want convenience and comfort with style, and sporty fashion is the answer. I love being elegant, so the sporty chic is my recent favorite. There are a lot of people think Sporty Chic just for young girls. The fact is everyone can pull it off if you know a few key tricks. 😉 Of course wearing sneakers with everything is the first thing came to your mind probably. It is the easiest way to do sporty chic. But I like to use other sporty style pieces to achieve this goal. Just like in this look, I use the sporty…

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    2017 Fall Fashion Trend | Leopard Prints

    2017 Fall Fashion Trend | Leopard Prints No matter how the fashion trends come and go, leopard prints always have a spot on the hottest list for fall and winter. It is stylish by day and glamorous by night. If you are still building up your timeless wardrobe, leopard prints should definitely be on your list. But, make sure avoid head to toe leopard. This is a tricky trend, if you are trying too hard, you may look a little bit trashy. 😉 The best thing you can do is start with a leopard accessory. Once you’re comfortable with that, then you try a dress or a coat. Below are…

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    Rock a Shearling Coat Like a Fashion Girl

    Rock a Shearling Coat Like a Fashion Girl Other than down jackets, a shearling coat is one of the warmest pieces you can wear for winter. And the best part? It’s a timeless piece that’s as versatile as it is classic. Ground it with denim or elevate it with a fancy dress. COMFY CHIC WEEKEND LOOK Of course it will go perfectly with any of your denim looks. But if you would like to add a little bit more edgy vibe, choose some black leather leggings instead of jeans. COLD-PROOF DRESSY LOOK Pick a dressy dress or skirt to go with it. The unexpected factor is fully paid off by…

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    The key word for Fall fashion—layering

    The key word for Fall fashion—layering What does fall fashion mean to you? Heavier fabrics? The rich and earthy colors? For me, the key word for fall fashion is layering. Literally layering with everything. 1. Layering with a Duster: You might think a duster is too long to layer with. That’s the beauty of layering when it’s done right, it can pretty much add dimension and depth to any outfit. 2. Layering with a Vest: I love my vests and have them in all kinds of colors, patterns and lengths. You really need at least a few basic ones in your wardrobe for when you want to add a bit…

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    Patches Fashion Trend 2016 D.I.Y with Sticker APP

    Patches Fashion Trend 2016 D.I.Y with Sticker APP There is no doubt that patches are having a moment. This staple is the hottest thing in fashion now. We have seen many fun patches and badges pinned or sewn onto clothes, mainly denim jackets, cutoffs, or jeans. //Sincerely Jules Lips & Lashes Graphic Tee // Free People jeans // Patches jeans // Patched shoes // Patched bag// I love this trend but I don’t really want to spend much money on it because it is just a trend, it may look very silly next year. So D.I.Y is the way to go. But I don’t want to sew any patches on…

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    Bomber Jacket with The Fab 40s

    Bomber Jacket with The Fab 40s The Fab 40’s is a group of seven stylish fashion bloggers from around the globe. This group’s goal is to take on style trends and show how they each interpret and incorporate them into their own lives. With multiple and widely varied views, you are certain to find something that speaks to you each month and encourages you to continue to have fun with fashion after 40. // Black Floral Rib Detail Bomber Jacket SAME//black lace cropped top // BCBG red leather skirt // black Platform Derby shoes SAME // Ray Ban sunglasses SAME// black round bag// Each month the Fab 40s choose a…

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