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    PETITE FASHION TRICKS NUDE SHOES This is the 3rd post of this Petite Fashion Tricks series. You can read the previous two here and here.. For a petite person, I’ve covered playing with the length of your clothes and creating or better defining a waist line. It can also be helpful if you can somehow create a long legged silhouette. It’s been said the perfect human body height should be nine times the length of your head. I come up about 2 and a half heads short! How do you measure up? I guess for most of us who don’t have a super model’s figure and height, we wouldn’t mind…

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    Petite fashion tricks show /create your waist line

    Petite fashion tricks show /create your waist line There are a lot of people who have asked me how to look taller and leaner in all body types. Well, if you’ll read this one which I posted last week, you can see how one trick is to play with the length of clothes to influence the proportion of your appearance. And today I will share with you another trick that I use all the time. That is to show your waist line. You might laugh but the traditional hourglass figure is about as common as, well, hourglasses in this digital age. So what to do if I don’t have a…

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    Petite fashion tricks playing with the length

    Petite fashion tricks: playing with the length Do you remember that for my real job I am a teacher? You do? Great! Thank you for paying attention. But it still won’t get you out of quiz time! Hey, that’s what teachers do! 😉 How tall do you think I am? No cheating! Don’t peek! Well, I hope you got that answer right too. I am 5 feet, period. I know, I don’t look like only 60 inches, I usually look taller. 😉 How? I cheat of course! I’m the teacher so it’s OK that I cheat. You still can’t. That’s one of the best things about my job, it’s based…

  • How Petite Women Rock 2019 Summer Fashion Trend || Tie-Dye
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    How Petite Women Rock 2019 Summer Fashion Trend || Tie-Dye

    I have known Edward Mongzar, the humble designer from London for a few years now. From admiring each other’s work, to becoming friends. I love how fashion can bring more human connections to us! You can read my first post Effortless Elegance from Edward Mongzar to learn more about his unite take-on about the tradition and trends. I find him an inspiration and his designs pure innovation. Here I am again with a beautiful piece of Edward Mongzar, who has a way of making ancient art come to life through his fashionable pieces.  This dress I am wearing is from Edward Mongzar‘s SS19 collection. Edward Mongzar has continued to use…

  • Petite Dressing--A Fashion Store For Petite Girls By Petite Girls #2
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    Petite Dressing–A Fashion Store For Petite Girls By Petite Girls #2

    Last Monday I talked about my new favorite petite online store—Petite Dressing, you can read that post here. First, how cute are those sweaters from this store? The best part? I don’t need to tuck in or do any alterations because they fit my super petite frame just perfectly. 😉 Today, I want to show you another two pieces that I got from them. The BLACK LACE DETAIL SKATER DRESS and the PETITE MID RISE BLACK JEANS 26 INCH INSEAM. The hardest thing to find for my petite body is a pair of pants that fit properly and don’t need to be hemmed. At Petite Dressing, all the pants are…

  • Petite Dressing--A Fashion Store For Petite Girls By Petite Girls #1
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    Petite Dressing–A Fashion Store For Petite Girls By Petite Girls #1

    Just in case you are new to my blog, I want to warn you not to get fooled by my photos. 😉 Many times when I meet someone who is following me on my blog or social media, the first thing they will say is “Oh, I didn’t realize you are this short.” Lol. You may think I am not a short girl based on my photos. Well, I am pretty good at making myself looking much taller than I really am. You may surprised to find out that I am only 5 foot tall. Being a petite girl, buying clothes the right length has always been a challenge, especially…

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    petite fashion—crop top, mini skirt and long jacket

    Petite fashion—crop top, mini skirt and long jacket Cropped tops have been hot in trend since last year and this year it is still going strong. I have posted here to talk about how a petite girl pulls off a long skirt with a crop top. Today we are going to talk about how to make a crop top and a mini skirt look more polished by adding on a white long jacket. The real sexy is not revealing everything, but creating an image of what are not showing. 😉 This rule is working perfectly for us who don’t have the high school figure any more. Are you going to…

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    Petite fashion—crop top and long skirt

    Petite fashion—crop top and long skirt I am not sure if you already noticed, but I am a petite and I am only 5 feet tall. In China we believe the shorties have the better brains. 😉 Anyway, For a petite person like me, long skirts can be pretty challenging. But when I paired it with a crop top, the problem was solved. 🙂 My endless driving story continues… Tag! You’re it! Northern Michigan isn’t what you could call mountainous but there are some pretty good sized hills; actually quite a lot of them. So when they were building the Interstate highway system it seemed a lot easier to have…

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    How Over 40s Petite Women Wear Hollister This Fall?

    Even though Hollister Co. may be traditionally known as just a teen apparel company, us adults all over the world are not excluded from visiting and shopping at this optimistic and inviting retailer. You may ask, how so exactly? This brand wants all shoppers to express their own personal style and individuality, which means anyone at ANY age can rock the brand. Yes, that is right! Whether you are a teen shopper or not, you are welcome as an over 40’s or petite woman. When was the last time you bought something at Hollister… that wasn’t for your kid? Hollister is always in the know about the latest trends, including…

  • hanging outside in Vans Off the Wall
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    How Petite Women Over 40 Can Rock Vans This Fall

    I enjoy wearing a variety of different styles– especially fun and fresh pieces! I love the looks of Vans, and I know that my former students will be excited to see me rocking the brand from head to toe, especially as a 45-year-old woman! Fashion has no limits, right? Take a walk on the wild side and try out these new styles for fall. Read on about the history of this famous company and find several ways that you can style Vans for your age and frame. Early History of Vans  The Van Doren Rubber Company was founded in Anaheim, California on March 16, 1966, by two brothers named Paul…

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    Why We Love Madewell 70’s Fashion

    Maybe I’m thinking about this a little too soon, but fall fashion is one of my favorite seasons and I already have so many cute outfits planned! Recently fashion trends are just borrowing from past generations, which brings us to the current repeat of 70’s fashion. Sometimes the latest fashion trends, although super cute, aren’t really made for petite adults. Thanks to Madewell, keeping up with style, while staying classy, is made super easy. This outfit is head-to-toe Madewell. But first let’s talk about 70’s fashion in the 70’s. Fashion then was mostly influenced by music genres. You could tell who fell into what cliche category by how they dressed.…

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