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    What to Wear to a Rooftop Bar in Early Spring

    In 2016 when I was a TV co-host, I have written a post called What to wear to a rooftop bar, you can read it to see my summer rooftop bar look, and my shorter hair style too! Lol! There are so many new restaurants, bars, and hotels popping up in Detroit these days. Last Friday I was invited to the private preview at The Monarch Club. This Detroit’s newest rooftop bar is opening just in time for the warm weather that’s on the way to the area. The Monarch Club is located in the Metropolitan Building at the top of the Element Hotel. The hotel opened in the building…

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    What to Wear || Colorful Blazers For Spring

    I have been in love with colorful blazers for a few years. This spring, I scored this purple blazer to add to my collection! [show_shopthepost_widget id=”3548674″] As the temperatures begin to rise, it’s time to awaken your wardrobe with some colorful pieces. Liven up the new season with a breath of fresh air in the form of bright, spring-ready outfits that will leave you feeling inspired. We all know that transitional dressing is hard. Finding a comfortable way to dress for the “in between” seasons means layers, and the most valuable layer you can have this spring is a lightweight and colorful blazer. A good blazer has also been known…

  • Travel Fashion || What to Wear to A Winery in The Winter
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    Travel Fashion || What to Wear to A Winery in The Winter

    This past weekend, I went on a wine tasting trip to celebrate my birthday in Traverse City, Michigan and had a great time. I planned to write about what to wear to a winery in the spring. But the weather there was still stuck in winter.;) Have you ever been a wine tasting trip during the winter? It’s easy to pack for a winery in the summer (flowy dress, sunhat and sandals of course!) but in the cold winter, it can be trickier! Since it was only two nights stay and a four-hour drive each way, I packed really light. My main focus was on being comfortable and stylish. It…

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    What to Wear ||Valentines Winter Cold Weather Date Outfits

    Yup, yup, yup! Valentine’s Day is this Thursday! No matter if you are single, dating or married, it is a day to express love to who matters in your life. It can be your best friend, your family, or your partner. So let’s not get stressed about if you have a man or women in your life to celebration this day. We are all loved and we can use this day to show our appreciation to those who love us. But if you need some help with what to wear on Valentine’s Day, I am here to help too! Read on to find out my Valentine’s Day winter cold weather…

  • Travel Style || What To Wear At The Airport
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    Travel Style || What To Wear At The Airport

    Since I started my travel journey a few years ago, there are a lot of people that have asked me to write about what to wear at the airport to be comfortable and still look stylish. So read on and see what my tricks are to putting comfy and chic looks together. This article is organized by month so you can get a better idea about the weather in general. I live in Michigan so most of the looks were taken in Metro Detroit Airport. Key Words for Winter travel:Loose and Layering From Detroit to Key West in January My tricks: Cashmere coat + cashmere sweater + legging + sneakers…

  • What To Wear During Chinese New Year

    What To Wear During Chinese New Year

    Since the Chinese New Year is right around the corner, have you ever wondered what to wear during Chinese New Year? Before I talk about it, I have to make sure you understand that Chinese New Year doesn’t have a fixed date like Christmas, or New Year. Since it is based on the lunar calendar, so it is always fall between January and February each year. For this year, it will be 2/5, Tuesday! Significance of new clothes for Chinese New Year Chinese New Year also called the Spring Festival which marks the end of the winter and welcoming the spring season!The Spring Festival is a time of change and…

  • What To Wear When Travel To Key West Florida In January
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    See The Would ||What To Wear Travel To Key West Florida In January

    Key West, Florida is probably on everyone’s list of 100 places to visit before you die. lol! What to wear when traveling to key west in January? How to travel light in the winter season to a warm place without packing too much or too little? Read on to find out what I have packed for my 7 day trip recently to Key West, Florida! One of my life goals is to travel every 45 days. Because of this, I love using websites like https://tripideas.org to discover new possibilities. I work very hard in one and a half month then relax hard too for a few days after. We need…

  • See The World || What To Wear To Denver In October
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    See The World || What To Wear To Denver In October

    Last Monday to Thursday, I visited Denver, CO. It was my first time there and I loved it very much. People are so friendly and food was great there too. Someone was joking and said the people there are so happy because the marijuana is league in Colorado. Lol. Anyway, in October the weather in Denver is still quite comfortable. Daytime is quite warm but mornings and evenings got quite chilly. SO layering is the key. I always love to travel light, so I only took a small carry on with me for this 3-night trip. Below is what I wore and some snaps of the trip. Monday: Travel from…

  • What To Wear To New York In Different Seasons
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    What To Wear To New York In Different Seasons

    Recent years, I have been to New York a few times in different seasons. People are always love my travels looks so I figured I should put all the looks together. Hopefully you find them useful if you are planing a trip to New York. 🙂 Winter: I went to NYFW back to February, 2016. It was super cold! Sping: This was the end of my Europe trip this year and I stopped in NYC for a few days in late March. Summer: I have been to NYC in summer for many times. 2018: 2016: Fall: To be continued! I will be there this fall, after my trip, I will…

  • What to Wear at a Renaissance Festival By Shopping In Your Own Closet
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    What to Wear at a Renaissance Festival By Shopping In Your Own Closet

    I guess I am a too practical a person. I can’t see myself spend a lot of money buying a whole custom wear not even once of 3 years. 😉 This past Sunday, our family went to our local Renaissance Festival. I have lived in America for 11 years, but this was my third times went there. I am not a fun person I guess. Lol. Anyway, I have been super busy, and I didn’t even think about what to wear until the night before. I know, I am so last minute on this thing. So I did a little bit research and shopped in my closet. The outfit turned…

  • What To Wear and Pack To A Beach Picnic With Family
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    What To Wear and Pack To A Beach Picnic With Family

    A few weekends ago, my step-daughter, her fiancé and I decided to have a family beach picnic. I haven’t done any beach picnic before. I bought a very cute picnic basket a few months ago that I have never used. So this is the perfect time to try something new. What to Pack: 1. A Picnic Basket I love mine because it came with all the eating utensils, even with a wine opener, glasses, a tablecloth, and napkins. This carry-it-all basket is not just good looking, it is also quite practical. Which I can carry almost all the food here. Mine doesn’t have a cooler lining so we also took…

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