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One day my student suddenly asked me what I had wanted to do when I was their age. This question got me thinking. There were 3 jobs that I really liked back then, news reporter, police officer and lawyer. As you can see, somehow I wanted to make this world a little bit better if I can, Lol! I am a full time teacher and a fashion blogger now and I sort of accomplished my childhood dream. Because both my day job and my blog are inspiring others to be the best they can be. Blogging has been a great way to get to know a lot of other people with my same passions and interests. Today I’m starting a regular feature where I will interview some of my favorite bloggers and introduce them to you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Ralph Lauren floral blouse
Ralph Lauren floral blouse

I met Rhea through my fashion blog. As a new blogger I am always so happy when I receive positive feedback on my posts. She left some great comments and I went back to visit her blog. I loved how she styles her outfits! She has that casual but chic vibe that I really relate to. And she is such a nice person! I feel that I already know her, even though we’ve never met face to face. I have to say, blogging is a very interesting way to meet people and make friends. I admired her blog so much that I decided to ask her for an interview. Luckily for me and you, she agreed! And here it is. Enjoy!

Rhea is the girl behind the blog (and namesake) RheaEtCetera.com. A Los Angeles, California resident and a marketing professional by day, Rhea started her blog in January 2013 as a creative outlet for the things she is passionate about: fashion, food, and random travels.


Once in a while she shares stories of her adventures with her husband and their Shih Tzu and Yorkie mix named Mochi. But, for the most part, she chronicles her love for skirts and dresses through RheaEtCetera.com. Outside of blogging, you can find her posting random photos that make her happy through Instagram.

Keep up with her through Instagram, Bloglovin, or Facebook.

1. Can you tell us about your blog and what inspired you to start it?

I actually started blogging from way back when the Internet was just gaining popularity. I was on Friendster and Xanga (anyone else remember these old school social media platforms?). I stopped blogging due to high school and eventually college, but knew I would always want to go back to blogging as a creative outlet. Early 2013, I felt I was ready to come back to maintaining my blog. I wanted to write about my personal style, travel, food, books, fitness…. I couldn’t decide then on that one niche, so I named my blog “Rhea Et Cetera.”

2. Can you describe a typical day as a blogger while also having a full time job?

Blogging is a full time job in itself! So, I started blogging in January 2013 which was right smack in the middle of my wedding planning, then right after I got married, I got a new job that required a whole lot of my attention. Because of these things, blogging took a backseat just when I was just getting started. But, I needed to blog to keep me sane as it is my creative outlet and I love getting to know other bloggers that I really made it a point to make time for blogging no matter how busy my schedule gets. I post new blog posts on Mondays and Fridays and both of these posts I would have done and scheduled from the weekend prior and in between I would sneak in commenting and visiting other blogs. Due to a full time schedule, I am not able to promote my blog as much as I would like to, but I do what I can.


3. What do you enjoy most about blogging? What is your biggest challenge?

What I enjoy the most is the interaction with fellow bloggers. I love talking about fashion and seeing how others style their outfits. I’ve made friends through blogging that translated to an offline friendship, and for that I am grateful.

My biggest challenge would be sometimes the lack of time due to competing priorities.

4. How do you deal with unpleasant comments and spam?

Since switching over to Word Press and having the plug in to block spam, spam has not been an issue. Hmm… once, I received a comment that my outfit was outdated already… I just shrugged it off an smiled. 🙂


5. Do you have any specific goals for the year?

Yes — this year I am working towards making a dream of mine come true… I’ll be sharing on my blog soon what it is! 🙂

6. Who was your first style icon? How would you describe your personal style?

My favorite style icon is Stacy London — love, love her!

I’d describe my personal style as feminine and casual. I rarely wear pants…. I prefer skirts and dresses all the way, but outside of being “girly girl” and wearing skirts and dresses with heels, I love styling them with sneakers, canvas shoes, flats.

7. What’s the one wardrobe essential you can’t live without? When you can’t think of anything to wear, what is your go to outfit? Do you have any fashion rules when putting an outfit together?

Skirts! 🙂 I love skirts — wrote a blog post why I love them so. They are my essential and my go to outfit. My general formula for putting an outfit together is

long sleeve top + knee length skirt + (flats or heels) = my kinda outfit


8. Where do you tend to buy your clothes and why? What is your next fashion must-have?

Lately my favorite shops are Ann Taylor and Uniqlo. I love their feminine and casual styles. My next fashion must-have… I’ve been so into

9. Who is your photographer? What camera do you use? Any tips about how to take better photos and have a good pose?

Usually, my husband takes my blog photos either using our Samsung Galaxy point-and-shoot camera or our camera phones. I’ve worked with a friend who is a professional photographer as well.

To take better photos — it’s all about lighting. And, since we live in a digital world, don’t be afraid to take quite a few shots until you find the perfect one! As far as posing, just natural posing is the best. 🙂


10. What is the best advice you’ve received about blogging? Where do you find the inspiration for your blog posts?

Just be yourself. It’s easy to get caught up with number of followers, etc, but your followers grow if you are true to yourself to how you write.

Hmm…. to be honest inspiration strikes out of nowhere. I keep a notebook with me all the time to keep a list of blog post ideas that suddenly come to me.

11. Do shop and advertisers send you samples of goods to feature? What tips can you give us about how to find one and work with them better?

Yes, I’ve had my share of sponsored posts. It’s an exciting feeling to be contacted by a boutique requesting your personal styling on their product. I’ve had some shops contact me for a sponsored posts, but their products were not really my style — so as far as tips, I would say if you are approached, you don’t necessarily have to say yes to every proposal — make sure the product you are representing still represents you.

12. What social media do you use? Which one is your favorite?

I am on Instagram all the time! 🙂

13. You have a lot of followers to your blog, how did you do this? How long were you blogging until you got your first follower? How did you get more?

I participated in a few group giveaways to put myself out there and gain followers. I think though that the best way to get followers, while it may take longer, is to have engagement with fellow bloggers. I love visiting and discovering new blogs whose style really interest me and because I am interested in their style blog, I naturally leave a comment and follow them. If they like my blog, too, they follow back. Sometimes really it’s not about the numbers too…it’s the value of your engagement with your readers. 🙂


14. What is the best tip you have for anyone who wants to start a fashion blog or website?

Just be true to yourself…. find your own voice online, share your personal style and just enjoy blogging. The more you enjoy what you do, numbers will just naturally grow. PS: A good knowledge of HTML coding helps, too!



letter T-shirt and leather skinny

The lessons begin!

If you’ve been reading along, you know that I lived in China my whole life until only about 8 years ago. I had never driven a car but quickly found that now I was living in America I would have to learn sooner rather than later. I had explored my very small town about as much as I could by walking and wanted to broaden my new world. Of course, my American fiancé had driven since high school and pretty much grew up in cars. Until very recently the Chinese just didn’t have that same exposure to car culture. America is the home of the road trip. I’ve heard my future husband talk about when he was little; his family would pile in the car and make the 5 day drive from Michigan to visit his sister that had moved to California. They would stay there for about a week before spending another 5 days on the road on their way home! During these drives he would sit next to his father and control the steering wheel to keep the car centered in the lane. All while going at 70 miles per hour! When I was young we didn’t take road trips. We didn’t have a family car to climb into! If we wanted to go anywhere farther away than our legs would take us we would take a bus or train. The only thing with a motor that I had ever been in control of was a scooter. And that had ended badly! I remember losing control and crashing after barely missing some large and very hard objects.

letter T-shirt and leather skinny street style
letter T-shirt and leather skinny street style

But my guy was quite confident that he could teach me to drive so we thought we’d give it a try. I’m happy to say that now, almost 8 years later; we are still talking to each other! But, in fact I don’t think I can recommend learning how to drive from the man you plan to spend your life with. We definitely had some interesting “conversations” with me behind the wheel and him grabbing his armrest so tight it left finger marks! So, where should we start my lessons? I am pretty lucky that at this time we were living in a very tiny town. Just outside of town was countryside. Usually there wasn’t much traffic so I didn’t have to worry too much about getting in people’s way. Our town was a bit unusual because it has a lake very near the downtown. In fact, our house was only one small block away from where people would put their boats into the water. Another unusual feature of our town was that taking up a large part of the lake’s shoreline was a huge cemetery. My fiancé/driving teacher thought this would be a perfect place for me to practice driving. After all, certainly I couldn’t hurt anyone that was already IN the cemetery!

white hat
white hat

This area had lots of small roads that went back and forth to get to the different areas and of course was quiet and calm so I thought maybe he had a good idea. He drove the couple short blocks and into the narrow entrance gate and then stopped the car and I got into the driver’s seat for the first time. In yesterday’s post I mentioned that my husband drove a lot of miles to work and back every day so wanted a car that got good gas mileage. For him that meant he had a stick shift transmission. For me that meant that not only did I have to learn to drive, but also to shift at the same time. Anyway, I moved my seat, adjusted my mirrors, put the clutch in, put the car into first gear, put down the parking brake, slowly started to let out the clutch, and stalled. Ok. Start the engine again. Slowly let out the clutch, and stalled again. And again. And again. On the fifth time or so I started to get the hang of it. A bit more gas and a bit slower with the clutch and finally we were moving. I drove back and forth and turned left and right to start getting used to how the car would react. Things were going pretty well when my “teacher” suggested that we finish up by driving on the road that went right next to the lake shore. I had walked on that road many times and it was quite flat and actually wider than most of the others I had just been on so thought “why not?” Well I soon found out why not! And you will too. But not until my next post!

letter T-shirt
letter T-shirt
leopard bag
leopard bag
black Joe's shoes
black Joe’s shoes
letter T-shirt and leather skinny
letter T-shirt and leather skinny
black leather skinny
black leather skinny
Strength elephant charms bracelet @My Arm Charms
Strength elephant charms bracelet @My Arm Charms

Hat @Meijer
Pearl Choker Necklace & Bracelet @Express
Strength Elephant Charm Bracelet @My Arm Charms
Leopard Clutch Bag @Express
Leather Skinnies @Nordstrom Rack
Shoes @Joe’s @Marshall’s


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