Red boots in sight, style delight!

Alright, what’s going on here? No one told me that blogging would be such hard work! After several long days, I’m getting worn out! I dabbed on a little Prada Candy, my new favorite perfume. This always helps me to relax. It’s a soft, sweet smell and not very strong. Rarely others can notice but I smell it all the time; it is just for me. Not like Kenzo Flower. That is for others to notice…sometimes too much! I gave a bottle to my sister-in-law after she admired mine. She lives in China and often rides the local bus to get around. Apparently she used a little too much and got some uncomplimentary and unwelcome notice from her fellow passengers. She was NOT happy!

My goal today is to chillax and recharge a little bit but I still need to work, so jeans are not an option. I picked a very simple outfit, mainly black and white. But I can’t do without at least a splash of rich, bold color. Some red booties and a burgundy hat are just perfect to spice up the otherwise sparse color palette. I’m not sure where Dorothy got her famous Ruby Slippers but my Red Booties were a bargain at DSW, one of my favorite shoe stores.

I wore this outfit to Canada a couple weeks ago. My husband and I went to brunch and saw The Band Perry at Caesar’s Windsor Casino. I even won a few dollars at the slot machines! I’ve gotten compliments and inquiries about the booties from young and old alike. I even had a 7th grade boy ask where I got them so he could get some for his mother’s birthday! I may not live on a Yellow Brick Road but with the right color in the right places I always feel at home in my wardrobe; and we all know, there’s no place like home. And as my sister-in-law found out, a little can often go a long way!

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Say Da to Animal Prints!

In today’s post I’m going away a bit from my signature color. Well the bright green Michael Kors purse does keep my streak alive. It also goes to show how even just one eye catching, colorful accessory can make a big difference to an otherwise mostly black and white look.
But for me the star of today’s post is my animal fur print hat. I grew up in northern China not too far from the border with Russia. These hats always remind me of the pictures we would see of the Russian women dressed for winter. This outfit would look right at home if I were strolling the streets of Moscow. The polka-dot sweater almost looks like an extension of the leopard print spots on the warm hat and the black and white faux fur vest nicely complete the theme.
Another trade secret to help brighten up a black outfit is to add some sparkly bling. For this you can use either a sequined top or dangly necklace. Oh, and about that green purse? It’s just the right size for a tin of your favorite Caspian Sea Caviar or maybe a small nip of something to chase away the Siberian chill.

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