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    Go Braless for Breast Health

    Hello folks and I am up and training to do the 60 miles for the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk to fight breast cancer. As you know that my life had been jolted by Cancer when I lost my husband to cancer a few years back. I know the feeling and so I do not want anyone else to go through this ordeal. I don’t want anyone else to lose their loved ones to cancer.  So I have decided to play an active role in making the 60 miles in 3 days walk for the Susan G. Komen. My road to this 3-day walk has been a successful one…

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    How to wear Crocs To Every Occasion!

    Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be to have shoes that have more than one benefit in one shoe? Shoes that are versatile, comfy, and cute? Well I have exciting news for you! Crocs are in now and booming like never before! This past Saturday I went on a picnic with a friend to catch up. I stepped out into my garage and laid eyes on my bright white Crocs. I walked over and gently placed my feet into them. The best feeling it was! It felt like I wasn’t even wearing shoes that is how comfy they were! During the picnic, we laid on the grass chit…

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    “Make Your Home Natural” by Simply Earth

    Hey guys, hope you guys are enjoying the summer heat.  Today we will be unboxing the monthly subscription box from Simply Earth.  In case you are interested to know, Simply Earth is not only a brand name, but it is also the name of a vision, a cause since Simply Earth donates 13% of its profits for the rehabilitation of human trafficking victims.  In case you want to play your part in this noble cause, feel free to subscribe to Simply Earth’s amazing monthly subscription boxes. Each subscription box from Simply Earth contains 3-5 essential oils and 7-6 recipes. Interestingly, every month the subscription box has a theme. Thus, the essential oils and recipes are all relevant to the…

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    The Misconceptions and Reality of Botox!

    If you were to ask most people about the term “Botox” or “Botox injection”, most would probably associate it with some kind of expensive facial treatment that makes the older celebrities and movie stars look like balloons lol. Well, that may have been true at some point in the past, but the modern reality of the Botox injection and the entire beauty industry has changed drastically. It’s not just about making celebrities camera worthy and photogenic anymore. It’s about so much more!   Most beauty treatments which would have been considered too expensive or too difficult to perform a few years ago are now accessible by many individuals all over…

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    Instagram is planning to Change its “Like” Feature – Everything that Influencers need to know

    Since a lot of you might already know that Instagram is removing its “like” feature from the posts soon. Subsequently, Instagram developers have already started testing a beta version in Canada and the United States, which is affecting the sponsorship for some full-time social media influencers like me.   Once the change will be made a permanent feature, viewers won’t be able to see the number of “likes” on a post. This can become an issue for the full-time influencers on social media, since, it is the number of likes and the number of engagements that the sponsors look at when investing in a social media influencer.   Understandably there is…

  • Celebrating International T-shirt Day with Chico's!
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    Celebrating International T-shirt Day with Chico’s!

    Did you know it is International T-shirt day? Wohooo!! Today is a day to celebrate the most versatile piece of clothing. Think about it! You can’t exactly wear a fluffy winter coat to the beach on a hot summer day or a bikini in the coldest part of the world. I mean you could, but it is not recommended lol. T-shirts can be worn on or under about any piece of clothing and can even be worn by itself!! I find myself wearing T-shirts a lot but the color T-shirt that I wear most would have to be white. I mean do you blame me? It is the easiest color…

  • How Petite Women Rock 2019 Summer Fashion Trend || Tie-Dye
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    How Petite Women Rock 2019 Summer Fashion Trend || Tie-Dye

    I have known Edward Mongzar, the humble designer from London for a few years now. From admiring each other’s work, to becoming friends. I love how fashion can bring more human connections to us! You can read my first post Effortless Elegance from Edward Mongzar to learn more about his unite take-on about the tradition and trends. I find him an inspiration and his designs pure innovation. Here I am again with a beautiful piece of Edward Mongzar, who has a way of making ancient art come to life through his fashionable pieces.  This dress I am wearing is from Edward Mongzar‘s SS19 collection. Edward Mongzar has continued to use…

  • Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Edison’s Café Bar, Shopping Marathon, Chocolate Trail and Pazzo Taverna
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    Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Edison’s Café Bar, Shopping Marathon, Chocolate Trail and Pazzo Taverna

    This is the 3rd post about my recent weekend girlfriends trip to Stratford Canada. You can read the first two here and here for what the fun we had just on Friday. In this post, I will cover the whole day of Saturday. Now when I look back to all the photos, I am surprised at how many activities we have done in just one day! Lol! Our day started at the Edison’s Café Bar. This whole foods café owned and operated by wife and husband team, Buffy Illingworth and Greg Kuepfer. Remember this is a very popular duo business model in Stratford? Lol! This place offers a mostly plant-based…

  • Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Bentley’s Lofts, AO Pasta and Little Shop of Horrors
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    Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Bentley’s Lofts, AO Pasta and Little Shop of Horrors

    This is the second post about my weekend girlfriends trip to Stratford, Canada this past weekend. You can read the first part here. After the amazing lunch, cocktail reception and the spa services, we checked into our accommodations: Bentley’s Lofts. It seems like there are quite a few unique combinations of restaurants plus hotel type of places in Stratford. Bentley’s Lofts is one of them too, a luxurious bi-level loft suites in the heart of downtown Stratford. Downstairs is the restaurant area and upstairs is where the loft is located. There is a king size bed downstairs and another single bed upstairs with a bathroom and closet. It is very spacious…

  • Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Revival House and Illume Wellness Spa
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    Weekend Girlfriends Trip to Stratford Canada ||Revival House and Illume Wellness Spa

    I have always wanted to take a girlfriends trip and this past weekend my dream came true. Thanks for the wonderful Stratford Tourism Alliance, a group of Michigan female bloggers/vloggers and myself were invited to Stratford, Canada for a weekend trip filled with fun, food, shopping and outstanding shows in the theater. You can read this post back to February to know more about all the fabulous ladies with me in this trip. 😉 Named for Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford has grown to become Canada’s premier arts town. In addition to the annual Stratford Festival, performing from April through October, Stratford is always filled with theater, music and visual arts. I…

  • Susan G Komen 3-Day Walk Fundraiser Party Recap
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    Susan G Komen 3-Day Walk Fundraiser Party Recap

    This past Sunday, my 3-Day Walk partner Alison Hill and I held our Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Fundraiser Party at our beloved Area45 Fitness in Troy, Michigan. It was a long day and a lot of work leading to the party, but it was a success and Alison reached her goal of $2300. Now we can walk together as a team of Color and Grace this August 2nd to 4th! It has been more than 4 months after I personally signed up to walk 60 miles in 3 days to raise money for breast cancer research. First I recruited Alison as my team member. Then I reached my personal…

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