The evil eye has a long history that not that many people know of. Are you aware of its meaning? If not, you will appreciate this article since we will focus on its origin, true meaning, as well as history. If you wish to know some interesting and fun facts, and you also want to browse through some mesmerizing pictures, keep on reading! Here’s all that you should know about the evil eye.

What is the true origin of the Evil eye?

What is the true origin of the Evil eye
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The Evil eye has occurred in many religions and cultures throughout the years, and it dates back to a period long before you’d even imagine. We can find its impact in Christianity and Muslim cultures as well. However, the evil eye mal de Ojo or Greek Mattiasma is a curse that people believed was capable of a malicious glare, especially against an unwitting person. Evil eyes have been used to cause misfortune for an individual. However, talismans were created to prevent this bad curse and to prevent any bad luck from happening to someone.

What is the historical meaning of the evil eye?

What is the historical meaning of the evil eye
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This eye was thought to bring harm and pain. It’s origin dates back to Rome and Ancient Greece. It was thought that this eye was a great threat, and any disease that was not easy to cure was automatically linked to the power of the evil eye. It was believed that gods and goddesses were punishing those who were proud of their achievements, yet they had to be put back and at the same level as other mortals. Did you know that the Middle East, Asia, and Central America all believe and fear the evil eye? In Islam, the prophet Muhammad warned of the danger of the evil eye, and he said that everyone should take a bath to get rid of the curse. Every religion and each place in the world deals with this in a different way, and they all have their own set of rules, as well as practical ways on how to deal with a curse.

How you can get rid of the evil eye? What is the evil eye color meaning?

The evil eye has different colors and a different meaning. It states the following:

Blue – is the color of protection. It is also a color that stands for good and positive vibes.

Light blue, on the other hand, is a color of the sky that protects people from the evil eye.

This concept was quite popular in West Asia, and the eye itself is mentioned several different times in the Old Testament.

So, what does the evil eye symbolize?

what does the evil eye symbolize
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You can see this evil eye in loads of different places and items, but the most common and popular one is in a form of a bracelet or a necklace.

People love to gift this evil eye to their loved ones since it is believed that it will keep you safe and sound, as well as protected from any harm or evil. Nowadays a lot of older people love to pass on their jewelry items to their kids, grandsons, as well as their closest ones since they want to protect them from all the negative energy.

What you should know about the evil eye bracelets?

Evil eye bracelets usually come in packs of several different bracelets. They also have different and beautiful stones that are packed with power, which will further amplify your intention. Every bead is hand-crafted and different stones are used in order to achieve an amazing and delicate design, which will suit both men and women. These bracelets have been a common go-to gift by your closest ones. In fact, some people even love to wear matching jewelry since it is an amazing idea for those who are trying to stay on their spiritual path.

How to protect yourself from it?

If you are superstitious and you still want to protect yourself from any evil, you can explore loads of different options. Aside from wearing the evil eye amulet, some other common go-to tactics are the use of salt, garlic, rings, indigo blue, or a pair of silver buttons.

If you are an extreme person, you will combine several different tactics in this case in order to feel protected and to stay calm at all times.

However, most people will just purchase a matching set where they will combine a beautiful bracelet or a necklace to feel protected, but to also look stylish.

What are some of the Evil eye protection remedies?

What are some of the Evil eye protection remedies
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Ancient Greeks have had their ways of dealing with curses. In some countries such as in Greece, it was thought that swearing-in the rear is solving the curse of the evil eye. On the other hand and in Bangladesh, a black spot was painted on the child’s forehead to resist evil eye curses. This tradition is still quite popular even to this day.

You have to witness this protection and this culture in order to understand it. Everyone can indulge in their own remedies and ways, but most cultures will advise you to wear the evil eye at all times, and no matter where you go.

What do you think about the evil eye?

So, what do you think about the evil eye, as well as its origin? Are you more in-tune with it, and how informed do you feel? Let us know if you already knew some of this info, and if so, which one was it! Also, let us know if you plan on wearing evil eye bracelets or evil eye necklaces anytime soon, we would love to know!

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