• How to Maintain Workout Routine When Travel in Summer
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    How to Maintain Workout Routine When Travel in Summer

    This post is partnered with adidas, but all opinions are my own. Summer season starts and it marks the busiest travel time for most folks. Kids are out of school, the weather is amazing so there are so many people taking road trips, camping or flying somewhere far to explore the unknown. No matter if you are on the road visiting family, taking a vacation or a business trip, maintaining your regular workout routine can be a challenge! Beach Run You ever said, “I’d love to get in shape, but I travel too much?” That was me before. Any time I had traveled in the past, I abandoned my workouts…

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    “Make Your Home Natural” by Simply Earth

    Hey guys, hope you guys are enjoying the summer heat.  Today we will be unboxing the monthly subscription box from Simply Earth.  In case you are interested to know, Simply Earth is not only a brand name, but it is also the name of a vision, a cause since Simply Earth donates 13% of its profits for the rehabilitation of human trafficking victims.  In case you want to play your part in this noble cause, feel free to subscribe to Simply Earth’s amazing monthly subscription boxes. Each subscription box from Simply Earth contains 3-5 essential oils and 7-6 recipes. Interestingly, every month the subscription box has a theme. Thus, the essential oils and recipes are all relevant to the…

  • Susan G Komen 3-Day Walk Fundraiser Party Recap
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    Susan G Komen 3-Day Walk Fundraiser Party Recap

    This past Sunday, my 3-Day Walk partner Alison Hill and I held our Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Fundraiser Party at our beloved Area45 Fitness in Troy, Michigan. It was a long day and a lot of work leading to the party, but it was a success and Alison reached her goal of $2300. Now we can walk together as a team of Color and Grace this August 2nd to 4th! It has been more than 4 months after I personally signed up to walk 60 miles in 3 days to raise money for breast cancer research. First I recruited Alison as my team member. Then I reached my personal…

  • Get What You Want || Women's Empowerment Starts On A Personal Level
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    Get What You Want || Women’s Empowerment Starts On A Personal Level

    What is your definition of women’s empowerment?  For me, it is about women being free to be our independent selves. Being treated equally by others in all aspects of life without a gender label. As a woman, I understand I must acquire empowerment myself rather than having it given to me by others. But are we focusing on empowering only certain areas of a woman’s life (like our careers or family life)? Are we limiting ourselves? What about our empowerment in the bedroom and intimate relationships? Women have been socialized to put their needs second to their partner’s needs, both inside and outside of the bedroom. For me, women’s empowerment…

  • Empowering Women with Natori || I am Good Enough
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    Empowering Women with Natori || I am Good Enough

    This post is partnered with Natori. But all opinions are my own. I used to hate my body and dislike myself for a long time. The memory of my mom yelling at me saying how ugly I am and showing me her discussed face seemed to haunt me for a long time. Then I turned 13 years old, my period came and my boobs started to grow. I got yelled at for being a dirty women now. My mom was super ashamed of my body because my boobs were bigger than the average Chinese girls. She made me hunch over so I can make my boobs appear smaller. She yelled…

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    The Susan G. Komen 3-Day® Walk in Michigan Has Been Fully Funded

    I am thrilled to share with you this amazing news! My fundraiser for The Susan G. Komen 3-Day® walk in Michigan this August to fight again breast cancer has been fully funded!!! What a journey! It all started 10 years ago. I was invited to a local Susan G. Komen meeting. The speaker there was super amazing and I remember crying and smiling while she was telling us the story. But I didn’t join the fundraiser group because my husband just lost his job. Fast forward to about 4 years ago. My late husband was diagnosed with skin cancer. When you have lived with cancer, most people become more aware…

  • What To Wear When Travel To Key West Florida In January
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    Outfit Ideas for Making a Style Statement in a Graduation Party

    Are you thinking of what to wear to a graduation party? Here are some amazing ideas on choosing the perfect outfit, for your graduation party. Outfit Ideas for making a Style Statement in Graduation Party A graduation party is one of the best moments of life, where students, their parents, family members, teachers, friends, and relatives can come together to celebrate. It is also an occasion to dress up and show off your style. But, there is a question: what do you wear to a graduation party? Whether you are a student or a woman in her forties invited to the party, you need to choose clothes that the occasion…

  • She Breaks Barrier || Celebrating International Women’s Day With adidas
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    She Breaks Barrier || Celebrating International Women’s Day With adidas

    This post is partnered with adidas, but all opinions are my own. I am celebrating this International Women’s Day by acknowledging myself as an immigrant woman, a widow, and a boss lady who has broken many barriers in pursuing my dream life. No matter the obstacles and setbacks I continue to do what I love. Being born and raised in the small village of Northern China, it didn’t just mean I was born in poverty, it also meant I had to fight for just about everything. I had to fight for food, for shelter, for the chance to go to school, and for the chance to decide who I wanted…

  • Let Me Help You Grow Your Business || Enroll The Mentoring Program
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    Let Me Help You Grow Your Business || Enroll The Mentoring Program

    Since I have launched the Social Media Consulting business this past fall, I have worked with many small business owners or indivasilas who would like to take their social media influence to a higher level. During the last few months, some of them have already reached the steady growth of more than 1000 real followers each month. Some small business has seen more sales increase from Instagram, to make your business more efficent, you should check out the Together Platform. You can see one of my mentees, the small business @wellnessplease wrote this letter below! If you’re setting up an office for your business, take a look at these affordable…

  • Please Vote For Me Being a SEEN Changemaker 2018
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    Please Vote For Me to be a SEEN Changemaker 2018

    I am a dreamer, a dream chaser, and a changemaker. I struggled with poverty and family abuse for many years. In my young adulthood, I was in an abusive relationship for five years. After I ran away to Shanghai in search of a new life, I fought with hunger until I was 24 years old. I went from being jobless, to a front desk clerk, to a sales person, to an area sales director, training assistant, training manager, and finally a HR manager. After years of hard work, I finally turned my life around. Then, I fell in love and moved to America. After ten years of being happily married,…

  • Being Active and Eating Clean ||My Favorite Summer Healthy Grilled Salmon Recipe
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    Being Active and Eating Clean || Summer Healthy Grilled Honey Salmon Recipe

    This post is in partnership with Adidas, but all the opinions are my own. I am a woman with a mission! LOL! My mission is being the best me every day. For my overall mental and physical health, I have been on an active lifestyle and eating clean journey for more than a year. I noticed that when I stay active and eat clean on a regular basis, I feel less stressed out, less anxious, and generally happier. “You are what you eat” has been my firm belief for many years. I have been on a low-carb diet for a few years and found so many yummy and healthy recipes…

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