Quick Summary:

  • Snowflake obsidian, base chakra, and zodiac stone for Virgo is a darling of many stone enthusiasts not only because of its meaning but also properties. This stone is about emotions and patterns.
  • It is the ideal stone for those with the desire of healing deep-rooted karmic patterns or breaking free from personal shackles.
  • Featuring black color coupled with white patches, this stone resembles a snowflake hence its name. It also goes by the name white snowflake obsidian or gray snowflake obsidian.
  • Huge deposits of the stone can be found in Iceland, Mexico, and the USA.

Snowflake obsidian brings with it the characteristics of normal obsidian – black and volcanic glass. The obsidian variety derived its name from Roman Obsious. Initially used widely in the Stone Age as a weapon and tool, today’s obsidians are an important and powerful gem, boasting countless effects and powers.

Before we look at the meaning and healing properties of this stone, it is imperative to touch on its care and safety. Since it breaks effortlessly and tends to form sharp edges, you must handle it with the utmost caution to avoid getting cut. If you have children who are into gemstones, you must show them how to take care and handle it with the utmost care.

When in the market for this stone, avoid sellers that sell the bright colored version of this stone as it is often fake.

Snowflake Obsidian Meaning

Many of the gems in the market today are usually found in ancient rites, legends, and myths. Some have been mentioned in frontier sciences, witchcraft, sorcery, and magic.

When it comes to meaning, the snowflake obsidian stone meaning revolves around its protective and healing properties. It protects you from any form of negativity such as black magic, negative influences, coming dangers, and false friends.

Snowflake obsidian stones, as already indicated in this article, are black. They also feature some form of white patches that go by the name phenocryst. Just like their name suggests, snowflake obsidian resembles snowflakes.

The molding of these stones takes place immediately felsic lave that emanates from volcanoes cools down quickly characterized with minimal crystal development.

The main meaning behind this stone has to do with its purity. What this gemstone represents basically is its need to clear the heart, body, mind, and spirit frequently in such a way that you will get rid of all negative vibes and embrace positive ones. The stone is efficient at helping wearers strike an excellent balance in all the body facets that have already been mentioned.

In addition to calming, the stone can also soothe every aspect of your life. With it at all times, the stone assures you that feeling scared and/or stressed isn’t necessary particularly if you can get the upkeep that you require.

The gemstone is linked to guardian spirits and guides. It is among the best stones to serve as your protector wherever you go and in whatever it is that you take part in.

Snowflake Obsidian Healing Properties

In principle, it is immaterial the form of healing this stone boasts. The fact of the matter is that one of the strongest healing stones in the market today is the snowflake obsidian stone. On top of strengthening your character, it also enhances unused strengths. With the stone, you learn from your own mistakes.

Snowflake obsidian is handy when it comes to enhancing spontaneity and intuition. In addition to giving protection against negative influences, this stone is also magical when it comes to helping you overcome blockages and fears.

Part of this stone’s healing properties entails healing our body of infections and diseases that are brought about by foreign intruders such as viruses, intestine inflammation, and fungi. It can also be magical when it comes to alleviating other ailments such as measles, influenza, chickenpox, and hepatitis.

Still on healing properties, the snowflake obsidian is efficient when it comes to strengthening the body’s immune system. It brings with it a strengthening effect on the bone, bone marrow, and spine. Sufferers of low blood pressure, cold feet, and regular shivering can trust the stone for a calming and healing effect.

Searching for a tiny, yet good looking and efficient detoxification stone? Then this one is a great option. As earlier mentioned, it’ll help your body eliminate toxins that come in its way of performing 100%. Its energies will be handy when it comes to assisting you not only to lose weight but also to enjoy smoother skin.

Enjoy the healing of disorders related to the body’s skeletal and vascular system. The stone is also efficient at helping heal muscle cramps and muscle spasms. The snowflake stone is also magical when it comes to handling issues related to blood circulation and the menstrual cycle.

Do you have challenges with your hormones? Use the stone to balance the body’s hormones.

In summary, here are the healing properties of the snowflake obsidian stone:

  • Protects against negative energies
  • Boasts a calming and peaceful effect
  • Increases courage
  • Installs a balance to the spirit, body, and mind
  • Promotes healing from past life aggression and ascension
  • Keeps one centered and grounded
  • Instills determination
  • Enhances detoxification of the physical body
  • Promotes communication with one’s angels and guides

Snowflake obsidian is such a powerful physical healer as we have already established in this primer. It boasts the ability to heal any form of damage done to any body cell. The fact that it regenerates stem cells within the body means that it can promote the optimal performance of the bone marrow.

In doing that, this goes miles to raise your body’s blood health. It also helps to enhance the functioning of every other system within the body particularly the heart as well as muscles.

Through the gemstone’s cellular regeneration abilities, the body can regenerate its soft tissues thus assisting with improved recovery of bruising, sprains, and wounds.

Snowflake Obsidian Other Properties

In addition to healing properties, the snowflake obsidian stone boasts other properties such as:

  • Wealth properties
  • Love and relationship
  • Metaphysical

Wealth Properties

In terms of prosperity and profusion, the stone is a constant reminder of the essential nature of persistence and willpower. The stone reveals to you the need to value blunders just like you’d do your successes as, without drawbacks in life, you’d never have achieved your dreams and goals in this life.

It provides you with highly beneficial insights that will help you make the right decisions not only in matters to do with finances but also in other areas of your life too. Purify lack of stagnation and eagerness with this stone as it is an effective talisman when it comes to raking in abundance and wealth for both you and your loved ones.

Love and Relationship

Another aspect that touches on this stone has to do with love and relationship. It can be quite handy in terms of releasing all the feelings that you’ve been hoarding and aren’t important or valuable to you. When you pair it with Cacoxenite, the stone is efficient at opening all your thoughts and emotions before they burst.

Of course, the last thing you want is to do something that you’ll later on regret because of bottling up of feelings and emotions.

The stone helps you maintain peaceful energy with those you love particularly your better half. With it, you can change a relationship that is full of issues to content and joyful one. It is among the best stones in terms of drawing out all differences in a relationship that have been hidden and brings them to the surface in such a way that both you and your partner can address them amicably without falling out.

Metaphysical Properties

Some practitioners opine that this stone is efficient in terms of helping them see their lives’ uncomfortable and dark sides. Once the stone helps you do that, you can get back into wholeness.

It also helps you view patterns in your behaviors and thoughts. On top of that, the stone gets rid of traumas, fears, and shocks hence making sure that it dissolves both emotional and physical pains.

It is great at reinstating a deep and enduring sense of admiration and fortification. The fact that it is associated with the crown and base chakras means it cannot only drive out demons but also boasts a personification of yin and yang principles.

Why Buy The Snowflake Obsidian Stone?

Proponents of this stone consider it a stone of purity. It represents the utmost desire to clear your heart, body, and mind frequently in such a way that you can do away with any negative energies and attract only positive vibes.

Thanks to its impressive healing properties, this stone helps you achieve a balance in all parts of your body. It is not only soothing but also calming. You no longer have to grapple with feelings of being scared.

The stone is linked to divine guides and guardian spirits. Moreover, it acts as a reminder that you are within a warm and protective embrace. With the stone, you’ll manage to comprehend new concepts and ideas as well as recall all important aspects within your life. You will also be able to remember all information touching on any aspect of your life.

Where To Buy

You can buy the stone from any of the following places:

Amazon – Amazon is one of the best places to shop not only for gemstones or crystals but also for an array of other things. If you want high quality and reasonably priced snowflake obsidian gemstones or any of its forms, then you should consider buying them from Amazon.

The Crystal Council – The Crystal Council stocks plenty of snowflake obsidian products. Buyers are spoilt for choice. A good attribute about this shopping platform is that their shipping times are reasonable. You’ll not have to wait for ages for your item to be delivered.

Healing Crystals – Healing Crystals, just like with Amazon and The Crystal Council, has reasonable shipping times and affordable products. Visit the site now and become the newest owner of the ever mesmerizing snowflake obsidian.

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