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  • Tiger’s eyes, popular for its grounding powers, draw wearers to earth with its colors. This gemstone stabilizes your emotional center meaning you’ll always enjoy emotional stability regardless of the happenings in your life.
  • It is connected or linked closely to your self-confidence, which can lead to huge successes in different areas of your life.
  • Tiger’s eye is one of the twinkling quartz varieties that contain crocidolite fibers.

Tiger’s eye is simply a golden-brown quartz variety. It manifests chatoyancy which also goes by the name the cat’s eye effect. The gemstone exhibits a luminous streak that moves or shifts from one angle to another as the stone rotates.

The toughness of this gemstone is like that of Quartz. On the Mohs toughness gauge, the stone sits at 6 – 7. Other notable features of the gemstone include the fact that it is glass-like and un-bendable.

Tiger’s eyes bring with it countless properties and meanings which we shall look at them in the later sections of this primer. The major ones revolve around confidence, healing, and grounding.

The main source of a majority of the tiger’s eye is South Africa. However, you can also find this stone in different areas such as China, India, Namibia, Thailand, and the USA. It mostly occurs in an open pit setting right below the earth’s layer.

The big deposits in Australia and South Africa focus mainly on mining of the stone, while the smaller deposits in the rest of the countries focus mainly on asbestos or iron mining.

Different types of tiger’s eye exist. The most popular one is the golden-brown type. Some of the other natural formations of this stone include:

  • Red tiger’s eye – This also goes by the name the Ox’s Eye. The red tiger’s eye is simply a heated version of the golden tiger eye. The heating can be by humans or naturally in the earth. You can use this shimmering stone to stimulate or inspire passion for a project that you’re handling.
  • Hawk’s tiger’s eyeHawks eye also goes by the name falcons eye or blue tigers eye. The dark stone is handy in balancing 3rd eye chakra. Use it to enjoy attentiveness not only to the world but also to fellow humans.
  • Golden tiger’s eyeFeaturing warm brown colors and rich chocolate texture, the golden tiger’s eye is magical when it comes to logical thinking, emotional balance, courage, and confidence.
  • Tiger iron – These are a combination of metallic black hematite, red jasper, and golden tiger’s eye. With the tiger iron, you can have an easy time focusing your scattered ideas and coming up with an effective and/or solid plan for your future. The stone is all about making sure you get your things done.

Tiger’s Eye Meaning

Tiger eyes are among the most powerful gemstones when it comes to releasing anxiety and fear. It is also effective when it comes to aiding balance and harmony. The stone’s meaning mainly revolves around encouraging folks or users to take action.

It helps one makes make decisions with the utmost discernment as well as comprehension devoid of unclouded by emotions. The meaning of the stone is related to its likeness to the cats or tigers eye.

Conventionally, the stone was used as an amulet against ill-wishing or curses. It was or rather still is popular when it comes to giving wearers strength, self-confidence, and courage of will. In addition to improving creativity, the stone is among those that promote kundalini awakening.

If you desire to balance the brain, this is among the natural healing crystals that you should consider. This attribute makes it beneficial for those that suffer from personality disorders or mental diseases.

A striking attribute about this stone is the fact that it is a profound encourager of energy, just like with many quartz crystals. It helps boost the energies of other crystals when used in any form.

Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties

Tiger’s eye is a remarkable grounding stone. It is handy at pulling one down to current reality. The fact that it retains the sun’s power means that it brings with it the solar’s energy that nourishes the physical body thus making one feel not6 only grounded but also connected or linked with purpose and place on earth.

Tiger’s eye is also effective at restoring and stimulating the solar plexus chakra. In doing this, it brings courage, confidence, and emotional well-being. Are you into business? This is an efficient business stone. You can trust the stone to bring logical thinking to your deals while at the same time making sure your emotional state is balanced.

Another striking attribute about this stone is that it transforms and heals the souls of stubborn folks. It is magical in terms of bringing an open-minded and positive attitude in such a way that the wearer lets go of negative, old habits.

You can use the tiger’s stone for healing through the following ways:

  • Use tiger eye stone to grid your entire workspace for protection
  • Utilize the stone as a calming remedy for your nerves
  • Utilize the stone’s sphere when it comes to crystal ball gazing
  • Squeeze its eggs like the way you do with worry stones every time you feel stressed
  • Wear its jewelry for a professional, stylish and polished look

Still, on healing, tigers eye is handy when it comes to helping you remain calmly practical and centered regardless of what is going on in your life. The stone is excellent in guiding you on how to balance your polarities as well as accept contradictions. With it, you learn how to take life head-on and respond to your moment’s needs without any judgment.

The stone is helpful especially in protracted circumstances because of how it not only lends you endurance but also keeps your mind in the best and soberest state without making you feel reactionary, hopeless, or overwhelmed.

The fact that it is brown to yellow means that it strengthens the maiden three chakras that correspond to willpower, creativity, and grounding. What this means is that the stone is an incredible option to not only carry but also put on daily because of the fundamental level of support it offers in terms of the way you come up with life that works excellently for you.

Tiger’s eye offers endurance, physical wellness, and vitality. It is a remarkable stone to put on if you are unwell or grappling with illnesses or things such as chronic fatigue that tend to make you worked up, worn-down, and tired. Since it works on all 3 lower chakras, the tiger eye helps you act with the utmost confidence from one place that is in alignment with true self as well as with your values.

Feeling like you’ve lost direction? Do you feel like your sense of yourself is becoming vague? If yes, then you should consider putting on this gemstone for purposes of helping change your personality into a centered and strong person.

Another healing attribute about this stone is the fact that it boasts positive effects on your psychic meaning it enhances your mood, brings with its soothing effects, protects you from toxic relationships, and reduces anxiety levels.

Physical healing

An effective blood fortifier, the tiger’s eye increases strength and vitality. It is great at restoring balance to your body on every level. Some practitioners think that this gemstone is a booster of the endocrine system thus helping bring your hormones as well as biochemistry to optimum levels.

When you put it on your reproductive organs, it boasts the ability to not only stimulate fertility but also resolve issues that arise from your past experiences. When placed on either side of your head, it rebalances the hemispheres of the brain energetically. Because it holds the sun’s energy, the stone might ease seasonal affective depression and disorder.

It also efficient when it comes to getting rid of nightmares. Some people repute it for relieving angina and asthma attacks in addition to lowering blood pressure. Conventionally, you can use the tiger’s eye to heal ailments that touch on the throat and eyes as well as enhance nighttime vision.

The gemstone can also be used to restore other ailments of the stomach, dissolving constructions and gall bladder. Additionally, it can strengthen the spine’s alignment as well as stimulate the repair of broken bones.

Emotional healing

This is among the best gemstones in terms of balancing emotional extremes. An outstanding ally of the mind, allows scattered information, feelings, and thoughts to come together excellently. The tiger’s eye is handy when it comes to bringing stability and focus as it enables you to come up with solid and informed decisions that are based on reason compared to emotions.

Tigers eye is the ideal gemstone for folks that feel spaced out and uninterested in finding their purpose. If you usually have a hard time remaining optimistic, the stone is handy for stimulating confidence and hope for the future.

Trust the stone to resolve not only internal battles but also dilemmas particularly those that come as a result of pride, willfulness, and jealousy. With this stone, you can learn the correct use of power and the importance of integrity. It is great at bringing awareness to your needs as compared to mere ‘wants.’

The stone is incredible when it comes to healing issues of self-worth and criticism. It is magical in terms of unblocking creativity in such a way that you can recognize your abilities and talents. Trust this supportive stone for addictive personality and to increase personal will in such a way that it affects positive change as well as solidifies that change to your physical body.

Spiritual healing

This gemstone resonates excellently with the earth’s frequencies to offer stable and warm energy for meditation and prayers. It also goes miles to stimulate contact with Christ’s consciousness when it comes to the vibrational realm. The stone engenders beauty and peacefulness.

It is handy when it comes to connecting with the sun’s spiritual power as soul nourishment. It promotes the ability to recall dreams and to utilize Dreamtime for purposes of spiritual advancement, intuition, and sparking the imagination.

Use the stone for achieving a great balancing of yin, yang energies and to enhance the rise of kundalini energy. With the stone, it is possible to bring a joyful and meaningful enthusiasm for the positive flow of energy.

Tiger’s Eye Other Properties

Some of the other properties of tiger’s eye include:

  • Protection properties
  • Divination properties

Protection properties

Many wearers consider this stone, in whatever form, as a protective stone. Use it to protect yourself by filtering low vibrations, and strictly allow high vibrations to your aura. The crystal can be programmed in such a way that you enjoy channeling of the tiger spirit. This spirit is constantly cautious and on high alert.

You can also use the tiger’s eye to protect your business operations or ventures. With it, it is very easy to keep out doubts as well as self-esteem in such a way that you ooze confidence when it comes to goals that touch on your business or career.

In addition to offering your protection from things such as self-sabotage, placing the stone physically at your workplace, or even at home can do wonders to spruce the atmosphere.

Divination properties

According to the divination properties of the tiger eye, new prospects and money-making ventures will be a success for those that remain focused and persistent even when you face challenges or hit an obstacle. When it comes to antiquity, people believed that dreaming of these stones was an indication of treachery.

Where To Buy Tiger’s Eye

You can buy tigers eye in whatever form from any of the following platforms:

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