Quick Summary:

  • Considered a manifestation and motivation stone, blue apatite tops the list of motivational stones that enhance ambitiousness and independence. The stones boast positive vibes that are magical for personal power to attain your goals.
  • This stone is handy when it comes to clearing negativity, apathy, and confusion.
  • Blue apatite open and bring into line the 3rd eye chakra.

Blue apatite is a throat chakra’s stone. On top of being a motivational stone, this stone is effective with improving group communication and public speaking. Of significant importance to note is the fact that it can help with improving your time management skills.

Insync with the third eye, the blue apatite stone can enhance memory skills making wearers excel in whatever it is they set out to do be at academics, relationships, or any other aspect of life. You can trust this stone when it comes to awakening your finer, inner self, and creativity.

Considered a stone of the future by many, it somewhat guides your path helping you make the right decision. It equips those who have attuned with its knowledge. Utilize the stone as a point of interface between consciousness as well as matter thus translating humanitarian aspirations into teaching, communication, information, and healing.

Blue apatite is available in several parts of the world such as the United States, Canada, Europe, Brazil, and Pakistan. Regardless of the form of blue apatite you intend to buy, you must learn everything there is to learn about the stones.

Blue Apatite Meaning

Abraham Gottlob, a popular geologist, was the first person to describe the apatite group or a variety of stones. These stones derive their name ‘apatite’ from the Greek terms ‘to deceive.’ It simply means the stone deceives many people who end up confusing it for other minerals.

The main meaning behind the blue apatite stone is manifestation. This stone is popular for its beautiful manifestation qualities, upbeat energy, and charming beauty. These stones encourage quick-thinking and encourage productivity. Whether the wearer s a CEO or a student, keeping this stone at the desk is magical when it comes to not only increasing focus but also reducing stress.

When it comes to the meaning of this stone, it brings with it an array of meanings. Chief among them is the fact that it is a dual-action stone. Part of the stone’s meaning is the fact that it utilizes its highly positive attributes to help wearers enjoy the utmost success in all they do.

On top of clearing away negativity and apathy, you can also trust the stone to help you do away with any form of confusion. This inspires your intellectual sphere to expand truth and knowledge which you can use not only for collective good but also for personal growth.

If you have been looking for a stone that boasts the ability to not only assist you to attain your professional goals but also build personal power, then you should consider this one. It works excellently in two main ways.

Primarily, it helps you clear your mind of any negativities and confusion. On top of that, the stone stimulates your cognitive powers in such a way that you can expand your intelligence and knowledge.

Buy this stone if you desire to take the cognitive aspect of your life a notch higher. You’ll not only enjoy emotional and spiritual healing but also physical healing. Talking of healing, let us look at some of the blue apatite’s healing properties.

Blue Apatite Healing Properties

Note: It is of utmost importance to note that while the blue apatite gemstone boasts incredible healing abilities, this does not mean that wearers use it as a replacement or alternative to conventional medicine. Instead, use your stone as a complementary strategy. Note that the information regarding its healing capabilities is not metaphysical, not medical.

The healing attributes of this gemstone are out of this world. This is among the stones that you can use as an effective and fast-acting emotional reboot, particularly when feeling you feel outdone by looming deadlines and responsibilities.

If you are looking for a golden moment of tranquility amid a storm or stress, then you should consider this stone. Say goodbye to bad feelings interfering with your happiness and productivity.

The stone firmly grounds you as it seeks to remove any tension and negativity while reducing racing thoughts. The blue apatite stone will not only help a wearer to feel relaxed, calm, and balanced, it is also handy when it comes to inspiring feelings of determination and creativity. In doing that, you can finish all the important tasks to your highest abilities.

The fact that it is a stone of manifestation means it is handy at helping you achieve your dreams – making them become a reality. It does this by encouraging or inspiring you to accept possibilities of what your future holds.

Once one places his or her goals at the top of his or her mind, he or she will not only notice but also embrace opportunities to grow in the direction they choose. A striking attribute about this stone is that it helps one to think outside the box.

Wearing it makes you confident about your abilities. With it, you learn that countless paths lead to the same destination. You also appreciate that obstacles don’t have to come in the way of your success.

The blue apatite stone can help you to maintain a satisfying work-life balance thus making it a highly valuable tool in creating monthly, weekly and daily schedules. Put it on whenever you are filling out calendars or handling to-do lists.

This stone’s positive energy goes miles to encourage you to schedule your days in such a way that you can achieve the most. You manage to figure out how to schedule your day in such a way that it incorporates relaxing activities and fun that ensure your spirits remain cared for and high.

In summary, the healing properties of blue apatite can be categorized into the following:

  • Physical healing
  • Emotional healing
  • Spiritual healing

Physical healing

When it comes to physical healing, the blue apatite stone is good for those grappling with issues touching on teeth, cartilage, and bones. It helps the body to synthesize essential compounds like calcium which is handy in the natural repair or teeth and bones.

Placing or holding the stone or its crystals on your painful joints helps ease the pain and/or swelling or arthritis as well as other issues. Still, on physical healing, the stone helps with weight loss as it works as an appetite suppressant thus encouraging increased metabolism and taking of healthy diets.

Trust blue apatite to assist with not only digestion but also clearing the body of cellulite thus assisting get rid of toxins efficiently. Its vibrational influence radiates healing in the body thus bringing healing to the body’s internal glands, organs as well as energy meridians.

Its calming and grounding effect or influence of the stones is handy at relieving chronic hypertension and blood pressure.

Emotional healing

Blue apatite stones are also magical when it comes to their emotional healing. Psychologically, these crystals are great for not only increasing joy and passion for life but also motivation. The fact that it helps get rid of any negative mental habits means that you can achieve your goals or dreams.

Use these crystals or the stone itself to reduce irritability and frustration as well as clear any form of confusion. With it, you can effortlessly release negative emotions such as sorrow and anger without fearing that you’ll get judged.

Spiritual healing

What about spiritual healing? What role does blue apatite play in your spiritual healing? Well, for starters, it plays a big role in your spiritual practice. The stone’s crystals ground you to the current moment reality while at the same time making you aware of your higher awareness.

The grounding and healing nature of this stone places you into the present, thus ensuring you enjoy true perception and gain clarity. The fact that it makes your grounded means you gain perceptual clarity which plays a big role in stimulating your higher spiritual faculties. In the end, you manage to access your higher spiritual powers.

Do you desire communication with your higher being? If yes, you should include blue apatite in your day-to-day meditation ritual. When you do that, you will awaken your heart knowledge.

Moreover, you will comprehend the unfolding of both your current and future life. This stone stimulates spiritual powers such as clairaudience and clairvoyance. Furthermore, you become more aware of ethereal worlds which helps you attain telepathy.

Blue Apatite Other Properties

In addition to its impressive healing properties, the blue apatite stone brings with it the following properties:

  • Health properties
  • Energy properties
  • Meditation properties

Health Properties

Gemstone practitioners believe that this stone is linked with healthy eating. Proponents opine that it is credited with not only increasing metabolic rate but also suppressing hunger. Other health benefits that it brings with it include:

  • Reducing hypertension
  • Healing of organs, meridians, and glands
  • Facilitates calcium absorption
  • Aids the formation of new cells
  • Assists in healing of teeth and bones

The blue apatite stone is also magical when it comes to the treatment of arthritis, joint problems, rickets, and repair of the cartilage. You can use it to not only sort your dizziness or vertigo issues but also soothe headaches.

Finally, yet importantly, the blue apatite stone brings a stimulating effect to the eyesight. To be specific, it is effective with issues touching on lack of eye movement and excess eyestrain.

Energy Properties

The blue apatite stone is great at helping you build up your body’s reserves. It increases motivation. Use it to reduce emotional exhaustion.

With the stone, you’ll enjoy uplifted energies that do much to raise your spirits. In the end, you’ll enjoy a positive outlook and attitude.

Meditation Properties

If you are one of the folks that are into deep meditation experience, then you should incorporate these stones into your daily meditation routine. To enjoy maximum benefits when in terms of meditation when using the stone, it is wise to state one particular intention that you’ll focus all your spiritual energies on.

A great attribute about the stones is the fact that they have the power to strengthen your intentions and intuition’s power. Through this, wearers can focus their energies on their precise goals by putting their minds on their desires firmly.

Because the stone helps you to practice deep concentration, you’re able to increase clarity, unity, self-discipline, and peace within your higher self. Enjoy peaceful and deep contemplation with this stone.

All you need to do to cleanse your aura thoroughly and access higher spiritual awareness is to just rest your gaze on the stone as you meditate.

Where to Buy Blue Apatite

You can buy blue apatite from the following stores:

  • Amazon – Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. Plenty of legit and reputable retailers not only stock blue apatite stones but also bracelets, necklaces, beads, rings, etc. If our comprehensive guide on blue apatite has inspired you to buy any form of blue apatite, head over to Amazon and make a purchase right away.
  • Etsy – This another platform you can purchase high-quality forms of blue apatite. Etsy has been in operation for several decades now so you can trust the platform for your shopping of blue apatite. From beads and stones to pendants and rings, Etsy has it all.
  • Natalka Pavlysh – If you are into blue apatite necklaces, then you should consider this platform for your purchase. They have a host of other beauty accessories for the stylish and modern woman who’s into gemstones. Whether you intend to make a purchase for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, feel free to visit this site today and make the purchase.

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