Jewelry isn’t only an accessory that will flatter and decorate your every day look. The crystals and gemstones we use with them can also tell a lot about our personality, goals, wishes, and dreams. That’s why a lot of jewelry makers focus on choosing the right colors and combining them with the right piece of metal. Orange crystals have been prominent in jewelry for a long time and their meaning gives a good reason for this.

This article unveils the true meaning of orange crystals, and where they can be used. You will also get to know the list of the most prominent crystals used today and where you can get them.

We are aware that a lot of people don’t only use orange crystals to decorate their jewelry. A lot of people believe in the improvement and healing powers of crystals, which is why having them nearby can bring a lot of positive things for you.

The Meaning of Orange Crystals

Orange color means happiness and joy, and it’s abundant in nature. When you look at the summer sunsets, the beautiful red and gold blend into orange, meaning joy, happiness, prosperity, and more. It’s similar to crystals. While every crystal has its unique meaning, the touch of happiness is common for all orange crystals.

Orange crystals have a lot of meanings which is why we split the meanings into different categories to help you find yourself easier.


Orange crystals are all about the balance. They will help you balance your hormones and emotions out, especially when you’re going through a challenging period in life. A lot of people surround themselves with the orange crystals because they want to balance out something that they’ve lost.

That said, orange crystals can be beneficial to people who have gone through a separation, be it a friendship or relationship. After a heartbreak, a lot of people feel as if they’ve lost a part of themselves and seek the warmth of orange crystals to retain themselves.

On the other hand, people who had to separate from a friend, relative or family member who’s going to study or work abroad, choose to share these crystals to feel homier and at peace with the person, they’re missing.

Orange crystals have the power of restoring your mind and spirit and getting rid of the anxiety or stress that caused this instability.


Orange crystals help establish a stronger family relationship and bond. Oftentimes, our stressful lifestyle leads to separation and unwanted conflicts with our dear ones. Also, at times, our busy lifestyle may lead to neglect of our loved ones.

The good side of this crystal is that it will inspire you and give you the warmth you normally get from spending time with your family, pushing you to find new ways to make your time together more productive and meaningful.

It’ll also give you the strength to endure stressful and financial problems in the family, as well as relationships. It will bring you closer to your parents, relatives, lovers, and children, in the ways you could’ve hardly imagined before.

Lastly, it will give you the energy and charisma with meeting new people. This is especially important for people who work a lot and meet with a lot of people throughout their workdays. That means a lot more patience, energy, and composure when spending time with your coworkers, and other peers.


In this section, we will talk about the health, both physical and mental. It will provide you with more rest and energy. When you’re feeling drained, the orange color will provide you with the rest and stability that you seek. As mentioned above, it will restore your hormonal balance and make you feel at peace with yourself.

Orange crystals are also associated with food. They help with overeating and eating disorders. Additionally, if your child or relative is dealing with food allergies and intolerance, orange crystals help reduce their symptoms and alleviate the discomfort that comes with them.

Emotionally speaking, the orange color will teach you how to share your happiness, joy, love, and energy. It will teach you how to let go of the bad events in your life and embrace better and happier moments. Additionally, it will allow you to be more content with yourself and not dwell on unhappy events in the past. It teaches us to accept that negativity is part of the past, meant to stay there let go of and forgotten.

As said above, the orange is the color of sharing, and it is meant to allow people to be closer to each other. It will remind you that with age we should be more open and joyful.

Finally, orange color is the color of embracing changes. Every year after summer, the fall comes and nature and our environment begin to change. The gentle colors of the green, bright summer sky and grass begin to change, embracing the red, gold, and orange colors. Similarly goes with our personality.

The orange means empowerment and changes are meant to make us more powerful. The orange color will also change your healing methodologies and help you get rid of low confidence, anxiety, fear of change, trust issues, and timidity.

What Are The Shades of Orange Crystals

While the meanings of different orange crystals vary, it’s important to note that all the aforementioned meanings are contained somewhere in the core of each crystal. The orange color is strong, and so is every orange crystal.

It’s worth mentioning that orange crystals come in different shades of orange, while some even resemble brown and gold. Nevertheless, orange is their core color and its meaning stays the same.

Here are the most popular shades of orange found on these healing crystals.

  • Bright Orange – This shade of orange refers to brightness and positivity. It is the reflection of affection and growth in family relations, friendship, and romance. It empowers those who carry and wear it with kindness, charisma, loyalty, and humbleness. It boosts popularity and helps people overcome their timidity and shyness. Finally, it encourages sharing and helping their loved ones overcome the burdens of life.
  • Pure Orange – Pure orange boosts happiness and swipes away the negativity left behind anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. Just like bright orange, it inspires courage and helps deal with ailments that slow us down. It guides us through overcoming sorrow while awaking love, passion, and pleasure in romantic relationships.
  • Dark Orange – Even though dark colors can be associated with negativity, the same doesn’t apply for orange. Dark orange is the color of awaking us and healing us after we have gone through loss, separation, and abandonment. It’s ideal for people who are traveling and getting separated from their loved ones. It returns the feeling of belonging and hospitality. It helps communicate with your friends and family even from the distance and leads to more happiness. It will also help people who feel homesick.

Now that we highlighted the most prominent shades of these crystals, it’s time to look into the most popular orange crystals you need at home.

What Are The Most Popular Orange Crystals

Orange Zircon

Orange zircons are a more affordable option for people who want to find diamonds on their engagement ring or other jewelry such as necklaces. They will resemble you of diamonds and even emerald because they’re so brilliant, sparkling, and shining that they will make any dressing combination remarkable.

Needless to say, scientists consider orange zircon to be one of the most ancient in the world, and when we say ancient, we mean that the ancient civilizations used it throughout the centuries, both as part of jewelry and rituals. Zircons are known to be used by people who needed guidance when they feel lost. It’s a grounding crystal that provides balance, peace, and stability.

Orange Sapphire

Sapphire is a crystal available in many colors, and the more beautiful the color the more it is expensive. It activates the so-called Sacral Chakra, which makes people closer to nature and the heart of Earth. Similarly to zircon, it brings balance and stability and offers help to those that seek it. Their orange energy is associated with happiness and joy. Those who wear it will be freed from negativity providing a smile to be their most joyful accessory.

Carnelian Crystal

Carnelians are an orange version of chalcedony, which comes from the family of Quartz stones. It’s connected to the lower chakra levels and values 7 at the Mohs scale of hardness. It will help with epilepsy and overcoming various fears including the fear of death. Additionally, it can be said that Carnelian crystal is the best used by women who face difficulties with painful menstruation, risky pregnancies, problems with breastfeeding, and hormonal headaches.

Citrine Crystal

Citrine is meant for the summer children, those born between July and August. It’s a crystal that empowers creativity, inspiration, strength, and protection. It’s a synonym for prosperity and gives the gift of abundance to those who wear it.  If you believe in power and luck, citrine will gift you’re the confidence and get rid of the timidity in achieving your dreams. Additionally, citrine is an essential healing crystal for people with bladder and kidney ailments, while reducing the symptoms and effects of diabetes.

Fire Agate

As you may know, Fire Agate is one of the most protective crystals. It’s a rare crystal found in some parts of the USA and Mexico and it symbolizes protection and prosperity. It also symbolizes the elixir of youth and helps people remain to look young as well as inside. Also, couples use it to assist the lack of libido or difficulties in conceiving. Lastly, it helps with concentration so it’ll be beneficial to students and people who work tasking jobs.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite is ideal for artists who face creativity blocks caused by the lack of concentration and emotional issues. Orange calcite is a cleanser, it helps awake your spiritual self and face difficulties in life from a positive and joyful perspective. It’s a crystal of happiness, that will also improve your physical health, particularly problems with bones and lack of calcium, as well as healing wounds caused by surgery or injury.

Orange Quartz

Quartz is one of the most well-known crystals for both healing, protection, or simply jewelry decoration. Orange quartz is a protective crystal that soothes the Sacral chakra and helps you stay firm yet balanced. It isn’t as commonly found which can indicate a little higher price at some places. It provides a libido balance, encourages creativity and motivation while helping you awaken your inner child. Lastly, it’ll guide you with self-acceptance and self-improvement. It is a durable and sturdy crystal.

Orange Imperial Topaz

Orange Imperial Topaz is one of the rarest topaz options, which makes it a very popular pick for jewelry. It is durable and sturdy. It can be used as a piece of jewelry as well as a standalone crystal. It is a stabilizer that promotes courage and inner strength. It is also the crystal of honesty and wisdom that will allow you to see the real truth and read people’s true intentions. Also, it’s the crystal of happiness and playfulness.

Orange Garnet

Garnet is likely a darker version of crystals, but it’s also available in brighter orange options. With 6.5 to 7.5 hardness on the Mohs scale, it’s considered mild to hard, which makes it durable and a great option for everyday jewelry. It promotes physical health and activity, love, affection, and passion.

Moonstone Crystal

Orange moonstone feels gentle and tender. It’s not the hardest crystal out there. However, it’s stable and durable so it’s often a great pick for crystal jewelry, despite its breakable cleavage. Moonstone is associated with healing emotional instability and “getting back on the right path. While inspiring joy and happiness, moonstone also helps you overcome shyness and gives you the courage to communicate with new people and make new connections.

We detailed the most commonly used crystals in jewelry. Still, there are other orange crystal options such as Rhodochrosite, Wulfenite, Apophyllite, Mexican Fire Opal, Tourmaline, Orange Amber, and others.

Where Can You Use Orange Crystals?

It’s no secret that orange crystals can have various applications. Here, we’ll detail where can you use these crystals and how they can help you achieve a certain level of prosperity.

Family & Relationships

The family bond is one of the strongest, and using orange crystals is important to keep the bond strong. Orange crystals deepen the conversation and relationship between parents, siblings, and children. Additionally, they help deepen the passion and trust between two lovers. Use orange crystals on your jewelry or at a visible place at home.


As mentioned throughout the article, orange crystals share a link with the 2nd chakra also known as the Sacral Chakra. This is associated with how we process things spiritually and what energy we absorb to make ourselves feel better. They’re associated with self-confidence, overcoming fears and anxieties, and self-improvement.


Artists, writers, and other creative workers decorate their workspaces and offices with orange crystals because they can inspire and motivate them to do more. These crystals will inspire you to craft masterpieces in the most joyful ways.

Overcoming Separation

As mentioned earlier, the meaning of orange crystals is to help people overcome separation from their loved ones. Whether it’s abandonment, separation, or heartbreak, orange crystals will give you the empowerment you seek. They’ll also make you more passionate about what you’re doing and inspire you to find new ways to work on yourself.

Where to Buy Orange Crystals?

There are many places where you can shop for orange crystals. However, only a few of them are completely safe. Etsy is one of the most popular places, and it has a large selection of unique crystals. However, keep in mind that a lot of those sellers are DIY, and may not be as reliable as other sources.

Below, we listed a few other retailers where you can find the best options for the orange crystals we detailed above and more.

Amazon – Amazon is the largest wholesale market, and as such it offers a lot of crystal options. They come either as a piece of jewelry or standalone crystals. Prices vary from seller to seller.

GemSelect – Gem Select offers a great variety of crystals and gemstones, among which are also the orange crystals. Additionally, there are extremely cool filtering and personalization settings that allow you to customize your crystals according to your preferences. Crystals on this site are a bit pricier.

James Allen – This online shop boasts a variety of jewelry options including different crystals and gemstones. James Allen is a great online store because it has great filtering options for those who want to make a customized piece of jewelry. They also often have discounts.

People Also Ask

Q: What chakra are Orange crystals?

A: Most of the orange crystals cause responsiveness in sacral chakra. This is the second chakra.

Q: How to clean orange crystals?

A: Cleansing methods vary. However most orange crystals respond well to being put in a lukewarm water and left there from 1 to 2 hours. Another way to cleanse them is to place the crystals under the sunlight for a few hours.

Q: Can I combine different orange crystals?

A: Yes, most orange crystals go well together.

Q: What Zodiac does belong to orange crystals?

A: Orange is the zodiac representation of Leo. However, some orange crystals may mark different zodiac.

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