Black gemstones and crystals have always been incredibly interesting and intriguing. They always seem to be mysterious, and one usually feels that wearing a black gemstone has a deep and powerful meaning.

There are numerous black gemstones, and each one certainly has a different meaning and symbolism, usually revolving around their black and dark color. So, in the following paragraphs, we’ll take a look at all the known black gemstones and see what is the meaning and symbolism behind the stones and the act of wearing them.

Black Gemstones List And Meaning Explanation

Shungite – Healing And Emotional Self-Actualization


Shungite is a powerful stone that people use to feel more grounded and to stabilize their energy and chakra. It is also known for its purifying and protective energy, as it helps people work on themselves and do some deeper emotional self-actualization. For these reasons, shungite is considered to be one of the best healing crystals, especially for people who are pursuing spiritual and metaphysical energy in their lives.

As a gemstone, shungite appears a black rock that is made entirely of carbon and minerals. It has interesting and very unique carbon structures and is currently studied for its medical application. Shungite isn’t often used to make jewelry, but when it is, it is used to create wonderful looking bracelets and unique rings.

Black Tourmaline – Purifying And Clearing Of Negative Energy

Black Tourmaline

Just like other black gemstones, black tourmaline has healing properties as well. Black tourmaline helps people deal with negative energy, negative practices, thoughts, emotions, etc. It has healing and clearing properties, which also make it an incredible grounding stone. People use this stone to help them feel more connected to their environment, their home, and the Earth itself. No wonder ancient people saw black tourmaline as a shield against negative thoughts and spirits.

As a gemstone, tourmaline can be found in several different colors, like green, red, pink, and of course, black. Some tourmaline stones can even have a combination of colors, like pink and green, also known as watermelon tourmaline. However, the black tourmaline is the most widespread, and most affordable out of all tourmaline varieties. Black tourmaline gemstone is also sometimes called schorl.

Obsidian – Restoring Of Harmony And Connection To The Earth


Obsidian is a stone formed from the cooled, molten lava. These are the conditions when lava erupts from a volcano and cools down rapidly while using the silica in the environment to compose obsidian. In a spiritual sense, obsidian is an earth-stone that has grounding properties and helps people establish a deeper connection with their environment and the planet. It is useful in terms of clearing negative thoughts and energy, as well as restoring the root chakra.

As a gemstone, obsidian is generally dark or black. It can have some impurities, which often showcase in spots of different colors, like gray, dark green, brown, etc. It can also have sharp edges, which form upon the natural breaking of the stone. Nevertheless, the stone is still used for its incredible beauty in jewelry-making, especially the snowflake obsidian.

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Hematite – Restoring Of Life’s Clarity And Clearing Of Confusion


Hematite is a stone that is a mineral form of iron oxide. It is believed to be one of the most powerful gemstones in terms of its spiritual properties. Hematite is believed to help people clear confusion and help them focus on reality, themselves, and the real world. It is also believed to help people transform their energy into a physical reality, and help them focus on their practical action in this world.

As a gemstone, hematite comes in the form of beads. The stone is usually polished, so it has a shiny and strikingly black appearance. Hematite stones are also rather heavy for the size but can be reduced in size and weight when used for jewelry.

Black Onyx – Restoring Of Emotional Awareness, Self-Control, And Discipline

Black Onyx

Black onyx is another black gemstone with strong spiritual properties. The stone is an earth element, and it is believed to help people with grounding, emotional self-actualization, and dealing with temper. Black onyx is generally associated with self-control and discipline and is especially helpful for people dealing with temper and anger outbursts. It is also a powerful protection stone that can transform negative energy into happiness and emotional strength.

As a gemstone, black onyx is more than just another black stone. It is incredibly beautiful and makes exceptional jewelry designs. The stone itself is very sleek and when polished, it can have incredible shine and appearance. Black onyx is used to not only make women’s jewelry but is also suitable to make incredible jewelry pieces for men.

Black Opal – Healing, Prosperity And Good Future

Black Opal

Black opal is one of the most beautiful gemstones we can lay our eyes on. It usually features an  incredible combination of colors and reflections. Its overall appearance makes it rather unique and precious as well. In a spiritual sense, black opal stands for a good future and the ever-changing nature of the humans. It is believed to help people who run businesses and work with information or different services. It also symbolizes miracles, hope, and has incredible healing power.

As a gemstone, the black opal is breathtaking. It is dark, powerful, and mysterious, and surely serves as a statement piece. Black opal can sometimes feature other colors, or even have a rainbow hue. It is used to make incredible jewelry items and usually provides exceptional jewelry designs.

Tahitian Pearl – Wisdom, Knowledge And Eternal Love

Tahitian Pearl

Tahitian or black pearl is known for its intriguing and unique beauty. Pearls are usually white, which makes the black pearl that much valuable and mysterious. In a spiritual sense, the black pearls represent wisdom, knowledge, and the journey that life represents for every human. In some cultures, it is believed that Tahitian pearls symbolize sadness and tears, so women aren’t supposed to wear them, for example, on a wedding day. Nevertheless, black pearls do symbolize eternal and everlasting love, so they could be an exceptional wedding or anniversary gift.

As a gemstone, the Tahitian pearl is a naturally occurring gem that is created from the black lip oyster. Tahitian pearls were originally farmed around the islands of French Polynesia or Tahiti, hence the name. They are nowadays used to make incredible jewelry pieces, especially rings, bracelets, and pendants. The pearls make each jewelry piece more elegant, classy, and stylish.

The Meaning Of The Black Color In Gemstones

One of the reasons black gemstones are so interesting and mysterious lies in their color. Black color has had the most meaning and interpretations throughout history, being subjected to numerous symbolizations, associations, and the meaning of the fearful and the unknown. But, what is the actual meaning of this color regarding the precious stones we just talked about? Let’s take a look at some possible interpretations;

  • The transcending of the material life – in many cultures, the black color symbolizes one being above the material life and transcending the material and the tangible. That is why so many black gemstones carry a spiritual meaning or symbol which are usually connected to the universe, the planet, emotions, and general out-of-body perception of life.
  • Fertility – in some ancient cultures and civilizations, like ancient Egypt, the black color was associated with fertility and the potential for a new life. The reason for this lies in the fact that black was the color of the soil flooded by the Nile river. That is why some black gemstones carry this meaning of fertility, exchange of energy and matter in regards to one’s transformation, pregnancy, childbirth, etc. And, for that reason, many people tend to use black gemstones when trying to conceive to want to carry out a healthy pregnancy.
  • Wisdom and knowledge – even though historically the black color represented the unknown and unfamiliar, today’s interpretations see black as a potential for learning and discovering. That is why many black gemstones carry the meaning of knowledge, learning, discovering, exploring, experiencing, and overall reaching life’s wisdom. Nowadays, black color even stands as a symbol of some of the highest achievements (like a black belt in martial arts).
  • Purity and cleansing – black color has often been associated with cleansing and purifying of emotions and spirit. It is often the color of self-control, self-sacrifice, higher purpose, and acceptance. It symbolizes one’s ability to transcend the material world, clean oneself from the world’s corrupt energy, and eventually find peace and harmony. That is why many of the black gemstones carry these exact meanings and are believed to help people achieve purity and cleansing of their spirit.

The Healing Properties Of Black Gemstones

Black gemstones or crystals are often used during meditation to help you feel connected to yourself, grounded, and protected from the negative energy. It is believed that black gemstones have incredible healing properties, and the power to lead people to healing, cleansing, and purifying. Some of the stones even symbolize a shield for the negative energy, so one can achieve the potential happiness. Here’s how exactly black gemstones are believed to help the healing process;

  • Black gemstones can help one ease into deep states of self-actualization, meditation, and introspection.
  • Some stones can be used to block electromagnetic radiation, or remove negative energy.
  • Black gemstones can have cleansing properties, which can help remove emotional barriers, like phobias, fears, or even painful memories.
  • The stones can also help people heal, become more open to others, and establish genuine connections with people in their lives.
  • Black stones can help some people feel safer, and provide them with a sense of comfort in difficult situations.

Final Words

Regardless of whether you fancy black gemstones for their spiritual and healing properties or their incredible beauty, one cannot claim that these stones and crystals aren’t amazing. They create breathtaking jewelry pieces and designs and also serve as spiritual and emotional support for people who need it. So, if you were wondering what black gemstones mean, we hope that our little summarization and explanation helped you understand. Black gemstones are, luckily, easily available, especially on the Internet, so we hope you find the one that fits your liking and needs the best.

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